Tuesday, February 09, 2016


 This morning the kids began the day with a little painting.  They each had their own ideas of what they wanted to paint and enjoyed their projects.  We did other homeschool stuff orally and finished our morning with watching a Planet Earth video about the great plains. 

 Sean's masterpiece.

 Nate called this his "thunder bolten."

  Emma-Lyn's work.

And this is what I found in my sink later on and I thought it looked really cool!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Still Need to Rest

Oh the coughing and just not feeling well in this house.  Nate, Emma-Lyn and I were all sorry cases today. We had some poetry and tea time and we got through most of our homeschool material this morning.  We were sorry to miss out on the fun we usually have with our homeschool group today.

It's only 8:45 but I'm just going to post this and then crawl into bed. 

And the storm finally hit here around 8.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Roaming Around Roma

Emma-Lyn and I both have the cold and spent the morning at home resting while Marko and the boys went to church.

In the afternoon we went for a quick jaunt down to Roma.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air for a little while and take a few photos.

I love the shape of these snowshoe prints!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Time to Shovel

As far as storms go, that one wasn't too bad.  We had a mix of snow and ice but roads were cleared this morning and we never lost our power.  There is word that another snow storm may be on it's way Monday evening so we'll see about that.

This morning the boys all did a bit of shovelling.  Thankfully a wonderful friend plows us out and does most of the work.  The boys just had some tidying up to do.  Levi was even in on the action!

Getting them started early!

Marko and the boys have gone to pick up Emma-Lyn while Levi are here at home.  Levi's napping and I may do the same shortly.  I do seem to have a bit of a cold and don't need to be sharing that with folks.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Snow and Sleep Overs

I am happy to announce that Nate is feeling quite a bit better.  I'm so happy to see him cheery and chatty once again!

We've had either snow or ice pellets since 8 am this morning.  Schools were cancelled and Emma-Lyn was ever so happy to still be able to go on her sleep over at her friend Hannah's house.  Before she left she enjoyed snuggling in the new blanket I made her and she finished her cleaning chores as well.

After Emma-Lyn left the boys and I finished up the cleaning chores and had lunch.  We played some fun Wii games before we headed outside for some outdoor fun.  We threw some snowballs at the garage and then worked together to clear the driveway of all the snow.  After supper we had a good game of Ticket To Ride.  Afterwards the boys challenged daddy to some Wii games.

It's been a lovely storm day.

Sweet Emma-Lyn

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Storm's A Comin'

I love when things happen spontaneously.  Sean spied a world map in Marko's office this morning and the two of us mapped out the different countries we would like to visit someday.  From there I came up with the idea to make Travel Journals.  We're going to do up information sheets about each of our countries and put them in our duo-tangs.  We'll have a title page, table of contents, flags, maps and points of interest.  I'm so excited to start this project and Sean is too!

And in other news the Maritimes are supposed to be getting hit with another winter storm tomorrow.  This evening I went out and picked up my version of storm chips:

I LOVE these things!!

P.S.  Nate was pretty quiet today.  Slept for most of the day.  He did throw up at one point but that's been it thus far.  He went to bed at 6:30 tonight...Hoping another good night's sleep has him on the mend.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Colds and Homeschooling

Poor Nate came home this morning from his sleepover at Grammie's just full of the cold.  He barely spoke to me, just headed upstairs to bed.  I've never seen him this rough. He's such a vibrant chatty little guy and to see him quiet and sullen is so strange.  Even at suppertime he was still not himself and camped out on the couch.  I came in to check on him and he asked me if I'd carry him upstairs, the poor little guy... I did take him upstairs and tucked him into bed.  By the time I came up to put Levi to bed he was fast asleep.  Hopefully the rest does him a lot of good and he's feeling better tomorrow.

We finished reading The Mysterious Education of Nicholas Benedict today.  The kids loved it. Once we were finished the kids wanted to play charades about the book which was a good bit of fun. We covered Literature and Drama with that.  Sean went in for an Engineering project and dismantled an old lamp.  He loves to tinker and completely enjoyed this task.  Later the kids helped fold laundry and then watched an episode of MythBusters and that covers Home Ec with a small side of Science.  And just before bedtime Daddy taught Sean about communism which means we can call that Political Science covered. Not everything has to be done on paper for it be a benefit to learning!

 My poor little Nator Gator.

Still such a sweetie pie.