Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day 2020

Just a little something for my wonderful Mom on Mother's Day!


Monday, April 27, 2020

Ode to Trooper

This evening I received a text from my mom that I know will break some hearts in the morning.

Trooper passed away this evening in her sleep.  Trooper has been such a wonderful part of my folk's family and my kids have so enjoyed having her come visit here or paling around with her in Nova Scotia.

Trooper's health had been in steady decline for awhile now and mom was just hopeful that she would be at home when the moment came.  So much love for this doggy!

Remembering Trooper:

She has always been such a friend for Nate.  They hit it off right from the get go!

 Belly rubs!!

 Feelin' the love!

 This has always been one of my favourite shots of these two cuties!

 All part of the family!

And oh how she loved to play!  And snow balls were always a fun thing to try to catch!

Such a goof--you can see how well she fit in with the rest of the family!

Protecting her family!

Happy summer days chasing her family could tucker her out!

She was also a pretty good photo bomber!

Awww, Trooper.  We're gonna miss you sweet baby girl!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Keepin' It Real

Some days are great and others you just try to get through 'cause it doesn't feel like there is much to accomplish and everything feels hard or wrong.  I get that it could be a whole lot worse right now and I'm thankful it isn't but, I miss visiting friends and family.

 How many people didn't realize that the last time they saw someone--like their parents--that they honestly wouldn't know when they would see them again to hug them and tell them they love them?!

I certainly wasn't thinking that the last time I saw my folks! The phone is a marvelous invention and I'm thankful to chat and catch up but it will never ever be as good as an honest to goodness in person visit.

And to keep myself from dwelling on the things not in my control, I'm thankful to rest on the promises I find in the Bible. I have peace and comfort in these difficult times and I have my reason to get up in the morning and rejoice in the day that the Lord has made.

And beyond that I'm trying new things--like new recipes that freinds post on Facebook.  Check this out:
 Doesn't that look amazing?!  It's pull apart garlic cheese bread and it is soooooo yummy!! I am ever so glad that my friend Nancy posted that!

 For more fun and giggles, I've picked up my pencils and started drawing again.  I've been working on faces and decided to post my work to Facebook to see if my friends can figure out which famous actor or actress I've drawn.  And the first person to guess correctly wins a McDonald's coffee card!

 My take on Jimmy Fallon:

 Next up: Scarlett Johansson

And most recently: Tom Hanks 

Seam also tried his hand at sketching on of his favourite Youtubbers.  This is James Rallinson of Odd 1s Out fame!

 Emma-Lyn and I did another East Coast Art Party event:

These events are so much fun!  The host and the artist are funny and upbeat and make the whole experience so enjoyable!

 Today's accomplishment:

 For the past little while I've felt like our homeschool was existing in just survival mode and I needed to get us out of that mindset and back on track.  Marko had an appointment in Charlottetown so I tagged along. I brought all my school books and sat in the quiet van getting things worked out for the next two months. This was so refreshing and helpful not only for the future but even to feel better about right now.

 Nate's latest project: Peanut butter cookies.
I'd love to tell you that these were super tasty...but I uhhh only like peanut butter in sandwiches or toast--And DON'T EVEN THINK OF PUTTING IT WITH CHOCOLATE!  THAT'S AN ABOMINATION! Or at least in my humble opinion that's how it is.  Marko says they were very good peanut butter cookies.

And last but not least--The absolute ridiculous!  I wrote a little parody to Queen's Break Free--It's pretty cringeworthy! LOL  ENJOY!

Monday, April 20, 2020


 If you live under a rock and haven't heard, Nova Scotia was just hit a devastating blow.  Not only are people still dealing with COVID-19 but now on top of that they are reeling from Canada's worst mass shooting to date.

 Everything started coming out in the news yesterday and it was horrific.  A lone shooter and the total of victims just kept climbing.  At one point late yesterday evening, Marko and I sat down to investigate what was going on. As we came across the shooters locations I was somewhat alarmed when I noticed  a town in his vicinity that my parents often visit.

And there was that moment when I was afraid for their safety.  The reports that were coming in were saying that many victims were unknown to the shooter--that it could be anyone.  I wanted to call my folks to make sure they were okay but also if they were fine, I didn't want to freak them out or wake them up if they were sleeping.

Thankfully my sister happened to like something on my page and I knew then that they were okay.  I still called mom in the morning to chat and hear how they were doing.  They're definitely shaken up but healthy, safe and at home.  I'm thankful my family is safe but my heart goes out to all those families dealing with the tragic loss of life today.

And so last night I just couldn't find the motivation to do school prep.  So much just felt hopeless and useless and I just wasn't in it.  Tomorrow would just have to be yardwork and home ec.

Today the sun shone and the kids and I headed outside to get some much needed fresh air and we did yardwork.  And after a good morning of raking and piling up sticks and twigs and stacking wood we went inside and did some baking.

 My work crew out picking up sticks:

 We had a little break and enjoyed some I Love Lucy:

 I'm surprised by how much the kids are enjoying these shows.

And this evening we decided to participate in our own homegrown PEI Peric Residence Burger Love.  Yep, we're missing the fun of regular Burger Love!

Our creation:

Here we have: Delicious homemade seasoned beef patties with homemade garlic aioli sauce, caramelized onions and mushrooms, thin sliced axainy tomatoes, herb and spice cheddar, oven crisped thick cut bacon, mustard, ketchup and relish on a toasted bun.
Marko added banana peppers and Scotch Bonnet hot sauce for that extra zing!

And our citrus squares that we baked earlier were our dessert:

 And we all took a moment to just drink in the beauty of this evening's sunset. We mostly savoured the moment...the kids also delighted in explaining the science behind it as well.

I'm just thankful that we live in a world with beautiful scenery like this to appreciate.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Quarantine Crazy!

 And this time it wasn't the kids or me going crazy--it was the weather!

I went for a brisk walk this afternoon and it started out like this:

 8 minutes later and this was happening:
 It was crazy hailing out! When it first hit my nose I let out a little yelp--I'm so mature!

Then as I started back up my street the sun was fighting its way through the clouds:

And by the time I got home it was looking like this again!
Another fun tid bit about my walk:

As I was wandering along questioning my sanity for going out at all, I spotted the recycling truck and decided I would race it.  Yep, you read that correctly--I played a game with the recycling truck--but it didn't know it was in the race.

I gave myself points if I could get to his next stop before him and doubles if I could really hoof it.  And I BEAT it!! Fast Walking is MY THING!!  But then I realized that the truck must have gone up a side street...oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

But I'm not going crazy or anything...

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

 What a glorious day it has been!  So nice to wake up to a sky full of sunshine in these seemingly gloomy days.  I'm spending less time scrolling news headlines and facebook posts which also dramatically improves the quality of the day.  But even more than that is the joy that comes from knowing that He is risen just as He said!  Glory Hallelujah!

 I made this diorama for my Sunday school class last year and I pulled it out for us today.  The kids enjoyed being able to describe each of the special scenes in the story.

Our kids also enjoyed some Easter treats:

 SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR!!  Nothing says I love you like a stack of socks and undies!  My kids were actually quite thrilled!

We had a lovely time of fellowship with our church family via the zoom conference.  I'm getting better at being in front of the camera and being thankful for technology instead of sad that things are so different now.

We did go for a little drive around the country to enjoy this blessing of a day.

We came home and I put the finishing touches on our evening meal:
We had chicken, mashed potatoes, a turnip,parsnip and carrot medly, asparagus and rolls. For dessert we had citrus squares.  I was going to make lemon squares but I was out of lemon juice so I juiced the clementines I did have!  They were a hit!

I hope you and your family were able to celebrate this day in your own way too!

And now for your viewing pleasure I give a special little dance video. Our step dance teacher had asked us to send in a video dancing and well...I may have had a little fun with that!!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Well, That Was a Day...

 The day started out well enough-- we slept in a bit and then had a simple brunch.  The kids were excited to get to their chocolate egg hunt so Marko and I sent them upstairs while we divvied up the little eggs.

Marko started in the front room and I started in the kitchen.  I think it may just be as much fun hiding the eggs as it is to watch the kids find them!

 I loved setting up this train!  Nate found it first!

 There are five eggs in this picture...Can you find them all?

 Some eggs decided to rock climbing!

 The kids scampered from room to room squealing with delight as they found the eggs.  That was until we were getting to the end...Emma-Lyn found all of hers first, then Nate, then Levi and eventually Sean found all of his.  Sean wasn't quite squealing with delight at that point as much as he was just relieved to be done searching!

Our next little treat was a new family game:
 Unstoppable Unicorns!  It's an interesting  little game once you get the hang of it.  Emma-Lyn won the first round. It feels like a mish mash of Fluxx, Uno and Monopoly Deal.

Afterwards Marko had errands to run in town while we settled in the front room with some snacks and a movie.  We watched The Miracle Maker-it was really quite good.

Looks like Nate was hoping he could just jam his face into the big bowl of popcorn!

Marko took longer in town and this is where things started to slide sideways. Tempers started to flare and voices rose. I was frustrated and so were the kids.  We had a subdued supper and Marko finally made it home. I sulked and took some of our grocery bags back out to the van.  I saw some folks parked in their cars chatting away...And I desperately just wanted to see a friend in person.

No sooner had I thought that thought--prayed that prayer--and a dear friend showed up to drop off Easter goodies on our deck!  What an immense pick me up!  The kiddos were cheered up by the goodies and I was cheered by her presence and thoughtfulness!

One day at time--moment by moment we will get through this.