Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sean's Baptism

 Last Sunday we celebrated Sean's baptism.  This was his own big step of faith and it was amazing to see him do it. One of our church elders--Vince Yorston baptized Sean. I was impressed by the amount of friends and family that came out. It was incredibly touching to see people who have poured into Sean's life, like his camp councillors, and Sunday school teachers!

Wonderful to share this special with so many friends and family.

We also sang Trust and Obey as well as Only Trust Him.

This sweet boy sure has come a long way!! Love him to bits!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cape Breton Getaway!

 Marko and I were ever so thankful to spend this past weekend away celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.  I have lived in the maritimes for many years and have NEVER gone on the Cabot Trail. It has been on my bucket list for ages. But this weekend we went and it didn't disappoint!! The weekend may have been windy and a bit on the wet side, but it was still magnificent!

I can't even describe the awe-inspiring vistas! I just loved it! So much ooohing and awwwing and pure delight in the beauty of nature all around us. The colours on the trees were just so breath taking!

 Our accommodations were located on Hunters Mountain--called Hunters Mountain Chalets.  The owner was friendly and keeps a very clean establishment. We loved our little home away from home complete with a little electric fireplace.

We enjoyed the quick little ferry ride over St.Ann's Bay.

 I know my west coast friends are looking at these shots and thinking that theses are just pretty hills--and they'd be right--but still, just so gorgeous with all those fabulous splashes of colour!

This was the view along the trail called Middlehead.  This was quite a vigourous trail. I think the kids would enjoy walking it with us some day when they're much older and I won't have a heart attack in fear of them falling off the cliffs!

  My handsome hubby a way up the trail up there!

While we were hiking an eagle flew right over us-so cool!

Loved finding this tucked away little waterfall.

One of our favourite stops was here at the Dancing Goat.
 And the meal was ever so delicious!

 I had the potato-leek soup with roast beef sandwich and Marko had a spinach salad and bacon avocado sandwich.
 Apparently the animals in Cape Breton really love to dance!  I bought a very expensive bottle of juice here...won't do that again.

 The beautiful Cape Smokey!

 And this is us on the Skyline trail!  What a trail!! It was soooo very windy and I'm pretty sure we had a quick flurry of snow up there. While the views were absolutely amazing--I was ever so happy to get back in the van after that!

I am so very thankful for this kind hearted, wonderful man.  He puts up with all my crazy and loves me so very well. I couldn't imagine anyone else being so special to me. I love him very much.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been a wonderful weekend and we have much to be thankful for.  My folks came for the day on Saturday and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunny day together.  As soon as they pulled into Montague we all headed out to the apple orchard to pick some Honey Crisps.  There were hoards of people at the orchard so we quickly picked our apples and headed home to chat and drink our coffee.

 Grampa picking apples as the sun shines down on him.

 The happy crew.

Reaching for the highest apples.

We had soup and sandwiches for lunch and then Deda came over for to visit with my folks as well.  Deda has moved to a  home for seniors here in Montague.  While we were visiting we had more visitors drop in.  We were thrilled to visit with the Younkers for a bit before everyone headed home.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and went in town for some errands in the afternoon.  I picked up some new books for homeschool and we found a circulating fan for the woodstove.  The boys found a Lego set and Emma-Lyn got some new shoes.

Today the kids and I brought in wood and stacked it in the basement.  I'm very thankful that we got most of that big job done.  We shall certainly appreciate it once the snow starts to fly!  Marko also mowed the lawn and split some firewood.

After lunch we set off to Uncle Henk and Auntie Linda's to celebrate Uncle Henk's birthday.  He was quite busy in the warehouse with the harvest of potatoes but did stop in at the house for a slice of cake.  Linda took us on a fun little tour of their facilities.  Some of the kids are hoping they might get to work there some time when they're older!

 So many potatoes!

 The happy birthday boy!

This evening I made dinner for our little family and Grammie Peric. It was so delightful.  We had turkey, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and broccoli. I tried a new recipe of sauteed turnip and parsnips--it was yummy. I made a cheese sauce and gravy and we had cranberry sauce and stuffing.  I think everyone was quite happily stuffed.  And we had cake and apple pie  for dessert.

 Our table setting.
 Everyone ready to dig in!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope you all are able to take a moment and think of everything and everyone you are thankful for!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

A Visit with Family from the Netherlands!

 How exciting to invite my second cousin, Luuk and his wife Grietje into our home this afternoon!  It was such a delight showing them around and chatting around the kitchen table.  They brought us many special treats. I LOVE my apron!  Tomorrow they're off to Nova Scotia to visit my folks and my aunt and uncle.

 Such a lovely visit!

 My quirky children and their inability to take a proper picture!  Luuk and Grietje, the kids really enjoyed getting to know you!  After you left they kept saying how nice you were and hoped you enjoyed your visit.

So many fun Dutch treats!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Assessments, Questionnaires and Other Stories

The past three weeks have been interesting with getting geared up and doing homeschool once again and in the midst of that figuring out Levi. 

I have filled out several questionnaires, we've been to several meetings with different specialists and we just finished Levi's panel of assessments.  And he has been diagnosed with ASD.  We haven't received the final report yet but the diagnosis has been made.

 It's been a flood of emotions for me--definitely relief!  I am happy to know what is going on and being able to go forward with information and seek out further support.  I've cried just because this has been such a long process and some days it just feels hard.

I'm thankful for this:

 Levi's psychologist gave this to us just before we left her office.  I've read and highlighted so much--it has been a great source of information and comfort for me.  I'm hoping to drop into the Autism Society some time this week to find out more.

And all the while we're still doing regular life.  After our first week of homeschool I got together with  a couple of other homeschooling mama's and their kiddos to encourage each other and enjoy getting through our first week!

 Some of the kiddos!

 Two of the mamas--we're looking kinda shiny!

We've started up another tradition that we quite enjoy: Poetry and Tea time!

 We had pink lemonade and chocolate chip loaf.  We shared some favourite poems and tried out some new ones. Such a lovely activity for all of us.

This past Friday we headed to Cornwall for a fun and very interesting presentation about Geology.

 The speaker was quite informative and let the kids examine the rocks and explained all the different aspects of rocks and minerals.

And now it's Autumn!  I love this time of year with the changing leaves and crisp air.  I love decorating and was thrilled when I found these white lights--so I just had to put them up
 Feels so cozy--just the way Autumn ought to.

And we've just been to our first apple picking of the year!  We love going to MacPhee's apple orchard and it was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon for picking apples.  We picked the Gingergolds-a definite favourite.
 So yummy!

 Levi and I crunching a couple apples.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Our First Day Back in the Books

Today the Peric Academy was back in business.  The kids and I had breakfast and did our chores before settling around our table to get back into the swing of things.  We mostly went over our plans for the coming year and how things were going to work.  We read about the invention of the piano which all the kids quite enjoyed.  We had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and after quiet time we headed over to Roma for fun and a mini photo shoot.  We had a delicious chicken dinner to celebrate the beginning of our school year.  We had a few meltdowns here and there but overall I'd say we're off to a good start!

 I love this shot from our Not Back to School Picnic!  Such a gorgeous day to get together with other homeschooling families and gear up for the coming year.

 Our little school room all set for the day.

 My funny, quirky goofballs!  I love them!

 Mr. Levi in fine form!

 My beautiful girly!

 Mr. Guy Smilely hamming it up!

 Sweet and serious Sean.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

My Birthday Adventures!

 We just got back from the mainland!  What a fun filled and amazing trip that was!  Full of unexpected surprises!

We had been thinking that we would take the 9:30 boat on Friday but the night before my friend Kristen posted about a fun opportunity!  It just so happened that if we took the 11 o'clock boat we could take part in a little photo shoot for a local magazine AND they would cover the cost of the ferry!  We were quite game for that and signed up! The kids were pretty pumped and it gave some extra time in the morning to get things in order.

In the morning after breakfast my family blessed me with many handmade gifts and my wonderful hubby passed me this gift bag and said, "Here you go...Dear"  Smirk, smirk!

 And that is why I married him!!

We were soon on our way to the boat and it was bit odd explaining at the toll booth that we were a part of a photo shoot and they just took our info and off we went!

 Also for a first for us was getting put on the mezzanine.  We were the last car on which was perfect for our situation which allowed us to be later getting down to the cars since we knew no one would be waiting behind us.

Once we grabbed all our stuff we headed up to the cafeteria to meet the photographers and the contact from the magazine.  They were all delightful and we dove right in.  They took us to an upper deck that is normally reserved for ferry personnel.  We took a few shots there and then headed up to the bridge.  They took a few shots of Nate sitting in the observation chair with the binoculars.We then moved back down  to the cafeteria for some food shots

 They instructed us to get whatever we wanted and they would take care of the cost!  Another fun little bonus!  They took pictures as we ordered, ate and said cheers!  Then they headed up to the ice cream shop to order ice cream for us as we finished our lunch!  We were not expecting that at all!   And this is no ordinary ice cream, it's the Island famous Cows Ice Cream! So yummy!  They took some shots of that and then did a little shoot with Emma-Lyn wearing a shirt that said, I love the Ferry!

It was such a cool experience!! When the photos get printed in the magazine they're going to send us a copy!

We were excited to share our story with Gramma and Grampa! They were thrilled for us and thought it was such a fun thing to have happen on my birthday!  We sat and chatted for awhile before setting up our tent and grabbing some supper.  After supper it was birthday cake time!

 Auntie Karina made a delicious carrot cake topped with icing and walnuts!

Today we took the kids to one of their favourite places to visit, the Museum of Industry!  We love this place!  And today we had a great tour guide named James who brought everything to life for us!  He was so knowledgeable and friendly.  We learned so much! 

 We found this wild animal along our way!

And we just had to have our picture taken around this huge tire! 

We got back to Gramma and Grampa's and had supper then took down the tent, scarfed down some dessert and then we were off to catch the boat!  This time it was a lot quieter with a lot less picture taking!!

Must say I am quite enjoying being 42!!