Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Weekend

The kids and I headed to the mainland while Marko enjoyed some quiet time to work on some projects at work and at home.

This was our first trip across the Strait this season and the kids were pretty pumped to be going to Gramma and Grampa's.  The kids love heading right to the dining room to play with all of Karina and my old toys.  While they played, the adults chatted and got lunch on the table.

After lunch we were off on a little adventure down the ravines on the property.  Grampa and Levi decided to watch some cartoons while we gallivanted in the woods.

 After our jaunt in the woods the kids were eager to go down to the pond to see how many fish they could catch.  I enjoyed watching them while wearing my dad's cool Frisan cap!

Auntie Karina, Nate and Sean all tried their hand at fishing in the pond but only Auntie Karina and Sean were successful
 Nate waiting for the fish to bite.

It was such a gorgeous day!  The kids all got to watch some cartoons before going back outside to play in the yard.

After supper we were back in the van to head back to the Island and see how well Marko fared.

 Saying good-bye to the Hopes.

We were pretty thrilled to be one of the cars at the front of the boat.

 Fun to watch as we got closer to the dock.

During our visit Karina, Gramma and I went up to the attic to go through the china collections.  Now that I have a china cabinet I got to pick out some things that I liked
And here they are in my cabinet!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Bit of a Busy Day

 This morning I started my day with mowing the lawn and then stopping when Claire came to do piano lessons.  We enjoyed a quick chat before she jumped into lessons with Sean and Nate. I went back to the mowing lawns.  After piano, Sean left with Claire to go to book club.  The rest of us had lunch and then met up with Sean and Claire and Holly and some other homeschoolers at the park.  While it was lovely there to visit and play, the kids had a hankering to hit the beach.

So, off we went to Panmure and we had a grand time.  I love going to the beach and listening to the waves and walking on the shore.  The kids found three live crabs which was quite neat as normally we just find their empty shells.

After the beach we picked up some one dollar drinks from McDonalds and came home.  The kids had some t.v. time and I went back to finish up mowing the lawns. We had a quick supper of hot dogs and then we were off to dance class.  Our poor instructor had quite a giddy class to deal with--the moms just couldn't stop teasing and laughing.  Thankfully he's a good sport and won't be taking our dance off the competition list even if we're a bit crazy!

I must say I am all in but my shoelaces!! Must be time for bed!

 Playing at the park.

 Cool crab!
 I love this beach!

Running along the shore.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dance Recital

This past Saturday the kids had their spring step dance recital.  I helped with emceeing the event.  It was a little hectic by times as the stage had been set up the night before but someone else came through and tore it down.  It was a mad scramble when our instructor got there to get things in order in time for the show.

 The kids did a great job and everyone enjoyed a lovely Saturday afternoon.  I was totally bushed by the end of it and once we got home I was in my jammies and ready to relax.

Today we had the girls with us and in the morning we had a couple of errands to run and then we settled in around the table for some read aloud time.  The kids really got into our present novel: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.  They didn't want me to stop reading but we were meeting with the Bowman's in half an hour and we still hadn't had lunch.  We scarfed down some sandwiches and ran to the van.

The kids had a blast running around the wooden structures while Denise and I chatted in her warm car.

 Fun times at Wood Islands.

 It was a bit of a dull, grey and cool afternoon.

 This evening Marko and I went out to do the grocery shopping and on our way we stopped in at the waterfront to enjoy the view and chat.

Such a lovely evening.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Mary Kay...Maahvelous!!

Today Rachel and I enjoyed a fun Mary Kay mom date.  We got settled in at her kitchen table and skyped with the most amazing Mary Kay consultant: Linda Gingrich!

What a great time we had!  We had lots of samples to play with and Linda was wonderful with suggestions of colours and application techniques!  And we may have had a few laughs along the way!

Michelle popped in while we were dolling ourselves up and took all our glamour shots!  I love these ladies so much!!
 Feeling oh so pretty!

Loving it!

 The amazing Linda!  Just waiting for us to get our acts together and apply the make up!

 So much fun!
And of course some silly fun!

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Summer Is So Close And Yet So Far!

Friday was AMAZING!!  The temps soared into the high twenties and we all rejoiced and wore shorts to celebrate the fine weather.  The kids and I spent copious amounts of time enjoying the great outdoors.  The kids played and I wandered around the yard snapping photos of flowers and other signs of growth!
 Cutest little red tulip!

 Dandelions as far as the eye can see.  The kids have been picking them and we even tried to make some dandelion jelly.  Unfortunately it didn't set and was just a runny mess.

 At one point I had to just lie down on the trampoline and enjoy the view from there!

But then, the unthinkable happened!!  On Saturday the temps dipped down into the single digits and the wind and rain pelted the Island.  And it even SNOWED TODAY!!  Thankfully, not for long but still, there was definitely some white lumpy precipitation falling from the sky for a period of time!

I love shots like these:
 Those spontaneous moments when the kids gather together to read to each other.  Love to see them enjoying books together and not just me always reading to them!

And in much more exciting news, Emma-Lyn has begun her walk into womanhood and so we celebrated!!  We invited a few friends and went to Charlottetown to get her ears pierced!  She was pretty pumped!

 It was wonderful to take this time to bring joy to this new phase in life rather than fearing it or just letting it slide by. We went out for lunch with our friends and this evening we celebrated as a family and Marko shared blessings with Emma-Lyn and reminded her how much she means to us and that God has a plan for her life.

 She was a real trooper! She picked out little butterfly earrings.

 She and Hannah are such goofballs...
 Not much unlike their mothers!  Hey, if womanhood can be this fun, these girls are on the right track!

 We hit the Swiss for lunch.
So very glad and very blessed to have all these wonderful women in our lives!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

House Warming and Other Stories

 I've been having a bit of a difficult time keeping Levi busy during homeschool and my friend Jackie came to my rescue.  She mentioned doing up a special bag of activities for him that he could only do during school time.  She then gave me a bag she had made up.  He loved it!  He especially loved the sewing cards.  It is a wonderful solution, he gets to be involved and yet do his own thing and I get to keep my sanity.

 Sewing around the car driving giraffe!

And when the kids weren't working on school stuff they made up their own yard sale in the house.  Unfortunately they were the only shoppers so once funds were used up that was the end of that.

They had a lot of fun with it though.

On Thursday evening Marko and I enjoyed a wonderful evening of encouragement with fellow homeschoolers. Todd Wilson was the guest speaker and he had me laughing and crying! It was so refreshing and a wonderful reminder of why we chose this wild ride of homeschooling.

On Saturday our church family came to our house for our monthly sing song and to bless us with a house warming party.  It was lovely to be with our church and worship together in our living room.  And they gave us this fantastic gift!

 I was so thrilled because I had been saying how I wanted a nicer more sophisticated dry erase calendar for the kitchen and Voila!  They brought it right too me!  So delightful.

And this afternoon Marko was ever so chuffed to finally pick up a game he was wanted for some time:
He and Sean played it this evening while the rest of us watched Frozen.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Field Trip to the Airport

This morning the kids and I enjoyed an amazing trip to the airport.  Levi wasn't feeling 100% so he stayed home with my wonderful friend June.

First, we visited with the Fire Marshall and learned about the fire fighters and the trucks that work at the airport.  They even pulled one of the trucks out to show how it shoots water into the air.

 This was pretty cool. At high pressure the trucks only hold about two minutes worth of water.

 This is Todd, the Fire Chief.  His presentation was excellent and he was great with the children!

He let the kids try on his jacket...

 And this big kid just had to try it out too!

And I got to hold the jaws of life--it is very heavy!

The kids each got a turn to get into the truck and use the joystick to move the water cannon around.
 Emma-Lyn quite enjoyed being in the big truck.

We then did a tour of the airport itself and watched planes land and take-off.

 An inbound plane from Toronto heading to its parking space on the airport apron.

We headed over to the baggage area and watched as they scanned our "suitcase."  It was interesting to see the image that they look at to determine what is inside your luggage.

We even got to be screened at security!
Apparently the best way to fly--if your aim is not to set off the security beeper--is to wear a jogging suit.  Only one little boy was the "perfect flyer" by that standard.

The staff at the Charlottetown airport were fantastic!  We were very appreciative of their friendliness and knowledge about air travel.