Saturday, July 14, 2018

Montague Days and Grampa's Birthday

 Today was parade day for Montague Days.  But before all that got started, Sean was heading out the door before seven to get to his job!  He's picking strawberries and is very excited about it!
 My big boy off to work!

The Hopes came over to celebrate Grampa's upcoming birthday.  They were more than thrilled to take in the parade as part of the festivities!

 Just another reason to love our new house!  Great spot to watch the parade.  Basically they line up on the street in front of us and turn the corner!  It was perfect!

 Love the pipe band!

The kids got quite a bit of candy!  They were kind and shared their loot with Sean when he came home.
 Marko also got some parade bling:

 Those will come in handy! HA!

We went to Gills' for lunch and enjoyed our meals out in their gazebo. Then we were off to What's the Scoop for dessert. Everyone was quite fairly stuffed by the time we got back home.

Grampa quite enjoyed his birthday card:
On the front it had a picture of a man with the following words around him: burp, belch, toot.  On the inside it said, To a man of few words but many, many noises!  I should have taken a video so you could hear his laughter!

Monday, July 09, 2018

Reno Reveal and Other Stories

 Ready for the big reveal?!

Here are our living room cabinet doors before:
 Not looking so pretty in pink...

 And now here they are after some espresso paint and new brushed nickle knobs:

 Love this look much better!! Much to my frustration I had to put them up twice!  The first time I had put them on upside down!  I was ever so thrilled when I stood back and realized my mistake. But now they're up the right way and looking good!

And today I installed a new toilet seat in the upstairs bathroom!  Go Me!!

Don't she look pretty?! LOL

This past Sunday we dropped Sean off at camp.  He was thrilled to be back with his buddies!

 Two very happy campers! Can't wait to hear his stories when he comes home.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Happy to Have Our Camper Home

This afternoon we picked up Nate from camp.  He had a fantastic week!  He didn't want to come home!
 He is also exhausted but happy to be home too.  I love my little Nator Tator. Very glad to be a family of six once again...Although by Sunday afternoon we'll be back down to five as Sean heads off to camp.

In other news our little garden is in and we'll see how well it'll produce.

I'm loving all the flowers as they begin to bloom!  I love the colour of these peonies.

 And these sweet roses are lovely!

 I have a little project/home reno I've been working on this past week and I'm hoping to have the final touches done tomorrow!  Pictures to follow!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Canada Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! Marko got off early on Friday and we celebrated with some ice cream treats from Whats the Scoop.

On Saturday we worked on setting up our small raised bed vegetable garden.  It feels a bit late to be putting in our garden but we were still getting frost on June 20th! I have more work to do in the garden today.

In the afternoon we went out to the Show and Shine in Brudenell.  The boys quite enjoyed checking out all the cars.

 Levi quite liked these paddle cars.
 Cutest little Mustang!
 This was Marko's favourite.

 Levi found his reflection!

 Nate was quite taken with the Army vehicles!

This is Sean's favourite:

 And this is Emma-Lyn's favourite:

 Then we found this huge old limo and the owner let us get inside...Only one side of the car has doors that open.
 This car is YELLOW!!

On Sunday afternoon we headed up to Emmanuel Bible Camp to drop off Nate.  He was pretty pumped to be back at camp once again!

After we dropped off Nate we headed into Charlottetown to visit with the Skys. We missed their performance but enjoyed just chatting and catching up.
 The weather was crazy.  It started out warm but then cooled off quickly and by the time we headed out for fireworks it was downright foggy!  We went to Souris and enjoyed what we could see of their firework display.

 On Monday we had to run in town again as I had a meeting to go to and I got my haircut. We ran a few errands and then headed over to the Bueckerts for fun and a BBQ.  I totally forgot that I had another meeting in the evening and was thankful that Jackie called to remind me.  As we hustled to get out the door, Rachel offered to take Sean and Emma-Lyn for the night.  They were thrilled and it helped us out a lot! This morning has been especially quiet...Levi still isn't out of bed and it's nearly 9 o'clock!

My new do!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Day That Will Forever Be Known as Supremely Awkward!!

Well, that was one whopper of a day folks! So many opportunities for awkwardness were fully realized in all their glory.  And I mostly have my step dance instructor to thank for all of this!

We'll have to back track a bit to fully embrace all of the day's awkwardness. Our step dance classes had been held in a Catholic church hall here in Montague.  Jordan--our amazing dance instructor has a day job at a bank in Charlottetown and when he would arrive at the church he'd change into his dance clothes.  All of which is quite normal enough...But wait, it gets better.

A couple of days ago I received a text from Jordan--It would seem he had forgotten his pants, they have them in the office and could I please pick them up for him and he'd come get them when he had a chance.  I could already see how the awkward could play out for this but I live close by and knew I could possibly drop them in town someday soon so I said yes.

Dumbest thing I've ever said yes to.

That brings us to today.  The younger kids and I were going to Shining Waters for the day (Sean was going to the MacGregor's) and I decided it might be the day to pick up the pants.  Away we went.  And let me clarify--that really we only ever spent quality time in the hall of the church and I wasn't sure where the office might be located in the church.

I saw cars in the parking lot of the church and took it as a good sign that someone would be available to direct me to the office.  I decided to park by a side door and go in.  I must say, I was surprised to find the door open as I popped in.

I took maybe two steps but quickly realized that I had just walked into a prayer service or something as there were people sitting in pews and one lovely older lady was watching me. The thought of ducking back out the door was strong but I felt I couldn't get this close and not get the pants. I forged ahead.

 I poked my head in doors and wandered into rooms that I probably had no business wandering into.  Thankfully that older lady was still watching me so I decided I would try explaining my plight to her. I walked over and whispered, "I'm so sorry...but I take step dance lessons here and my instructor left his pants here and I think they're in the office..can you help me?" She looked at me quizzically but said softly, "I'm not sure the office is open but the priest is right over there you can talk to him." I quickly looked around but didn't see him. I said, "I don't know who he is." "Oh, he's the one in black." She whispered...Of course!

Then I see him.  Sure enough he is wearing black and has his eyes shut--no doubt praying or meditating.  I quietly shuffle over to him and he opens his eyes...I begin again in a whisper, "I'm so sorry--I take step dance lessons here and my instructor left his pants here. I think they're in the office.  Can you help me..I'm so sorry." He looked at me kindly if with a hint of confusion and said, "His pants are where?"  "In the office I think." "Okay."  At this point I follow him into the office and we both look around  for the pants.  No pants. He quietly explains that the secretary should be by soon and I could wait or I could ask the janitor when he came in.  Again I apologized for my interruption and he gently patted my shoulder as he headed back out to his congregation.

I quietly stood in the office waiting. The janitor was the first one through the front door.  He stopped abruptly when he saw me and said, "You startled me!" "I'm so sorry," I replied. "I take dance lessons here and my dance instructor left his pants here and I'm trying to find them.  Can you help me?" "Ahh, yes," He says, "I found them and brought them to the office.  I can't imagine they got too far."  He opened  a large closet and sure enough there they were in a grocery bag.  I quickly thanked him and dashed out as quickly as could be glad to have that over with!

The kids and I then made the trek out to Shining Waters. We walked down to the gate and explained that we were with the homeschool group.  The young girl quickly explained that I was to go wait with the other homeschoolers and the management would be by soon to talk to us. Yay??!

 I went over to the group and introduced myself as I didn't know any of these particular homeschoolers.  It wasn't long before management came to explain that we couldn't get the school discount that we had been given and that the best he could do was the group rate.  While it was a good price, I just didn't have the funds.  I had brought just enough for the discount price.  So with tears in my eyes I just mumbled out a feeble, "I had banked on the discount price.  We'll have to go then." One of the other moms offered to pay for one of my children but since I didn't know her, I felt funny about it and I  had already had quite the morning chasing down pants.  I thanked her but declined and we got back in the van.

I was impressed with my kids.  They didn't whimper, whine or complain.  Somehow they knew or understood.  We didn't drive far when I remembered that the local Ripley's Believe It or Not had a Star Wars installation that included the actual Luke Skywalker light saber.  I asked the kids if they were interested and they were and the price was right.  We had a fun time checking out all the oddities and weird stuff they had in there.

I enjoyed chatting with the security guard.  Her name was Alice and she was lovely.  I explained what had happened at Shining Waters and she gave me some tips on how to save on tickets in the future which was super nice of her.  I also enjoyed chatting with some tourists from Ontario and after I helped them out and we had shared stories they offered to help pay for tickets for us to go to Shining Waters! But still I declined as that seemed more weird then I could handle for today.

Instead we headed into town to go to the pool at Victoria Park.  On our way we received a phone call from another gracious homeschooler wanting to help us get into Shining Waters. Again I declined as we had spent our money and now had a new plan but I was very grateful for the offer.

The kids had a grand time at the pool and it was about at this time I texted Jordan that I had his pants and could bring them to the bank.  He said that would work just to text when I was on my way. The kids played as much as they could in the cold pool as I chatted with a couple other moms.  We were soon on our way again.

We landed at the bank and I shot off a quick response.  Oh well, I head in with the plastic bag full of pants.  I have no idea where Jordan might be so I amble up to the front desk where two ladies are chatting as they look at their computer screen. Soon one looks up and asks, "How can I help you?" "Oh, I'm looking for Jordan Chowen." "Oh, just a moment."  She quickly looks down the hall and steps back to the desk and says, "He has a client with him now.  Do you have an appointment with him?"  " but I have his clothes." I held up the bag at this point as they look at it. "Oh, you can just drop that off here dear.  No need to wait around for that!" "Uh, okay. Thanks!" AWKWARD

Thankfully the drive home was quiet and uneventful and not at all awkward...Very thankful for that.

 The light saber!!

 Self explanatory...

 Emma-Lyn and the lightsaber.

 Chilling at the pool!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sean and Nate at Stanley Bridge

Birdmouse Quirkshop

Yesterday some of our homeschool group went on our field trip to the Quirkshop!  What fun and weird little place.  It just so happens that Marko went to school with the owner/artist.  Lenny Gallant and his wife Heather are wonderful hosts and shared with us their story and showed us around their shop.  They have taken in old pianos, pump organs and all manner of wood pieces that people are throwing out.  Instead of ending up in a junk heap these pieces get a chance at a new life in a piece of art.

 This is Lenny sharing about the different pieces of wood and where they came from.  Such an inspiring place to hang out.

 In the gallery we were given the opportunity to win a bottle of  pop.  Unfortunately there were no winners.
 But I did go home with this lovely piece!  I had sent Lenny some pictures of our view and he came up with this masterpiece.  I just love it, such a unique spin on our landscape view:
 And I love that he adds in this bit:
Isn't that cool?!  If you get the chance, you definitely have to check out the birdmouse quirkshop!!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ladies Retreat and Step Dance Competition

What a crazy, amazing weekend!! I was inspired, uplifted, challenged and blessed! I laughed, I talked, I laughed some more, I cried and just thoroughly enjoyed my time at camp.

 It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  It was encouraging to hear other ladies' testimonies.  I love hearing other people's journeys.  I love entering into their world as they describe it to us and take us through the valleys and the mountain moments of their lives.  And to hear how Jesus changed and continues to change their lives is so inspiring to me.

And in the midst of this the Perics had a dance competition to attend and this time it wasn't just the kids that got to compete!  My lovely friends Edwina, Claire and I danced together!  It was nerve-wracking but a LOT of fun too! I'm so proud of us for getting up there and giving it a go and inspiring other adults to get off their seats and out of their comfort zones.  I love step dancing and it has been such a blast learning the steps and enjoying the other ladies and giving our instructor a hard time to boot!

After the competition my family drove me back to camp.  I arrived just in time for games!  We played a couple rounds of poison ball and then headed for the volleyball court.  I've never been all that good at volleyball but I had so much fun with these ladies! While we did seem to spend more time chasing the ball out of bounds it was a still a great game with a great group of gals.

In the afternoon I even got to show them the dance routine I performed that morning and I treated them to a go at the Blue Moose Call--These ladies are wonderful good sports!!  And I even came right out of my shell and performed in a skit before the last meeting in the evening. And it was kinda cool how the skit seemed to tie in with the message! I love when that happens!

I didn't sleep all that great last night, but I find it hard to sleep away from home anyways.  It was a three cups of coffee kind of morning! So thankful for this past weekend.  I am exhausted but my heart is full and I am grateful.
 Love the peace and tranquility at Emmanuel Bible Camp.

 This was the cabin my friends and I stayed in. It's called Seneca.

And here we are--my amazingly talented dance partners! I am so proud of us!