Sunday, July 05, 2015

Day 186

It really feels like summer!  We enjoyed a much more relaxed day today.  We had the Bowmans come over for supper, games and fireworks. The kids were super excited for the fireworks, I'm sure they would have run right down to the waterfront if I had let them!

We're going to try to take it easy tomorrow and just ease into some of our summer session plans.  I think read alouds and narration and playing with numbers will be on tap tomorrow.

****EDITED TO ADD...***
"Let it be henceforth be known and acknowledged that it was Lady Denise of Winningness who won the game of Citadels this evening. Long may she reign!"

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Day 185

What an amazing day!!  It's Montague Days this weekend so Marko took the kids to the parade this morning.The kids made out like bandits at the parade. So much candy! I went with my mother and sister in law to my sister in law's bridal shower.  It was a very nice little shower which was enjoyed by all. 

Afterwards the kids and I headed down to the waterfront to take in some of the Diversecity entertainment.  Emma-Lyn, Nate and I got our faces painted and the kids got their names written in Chinese calligraphy. We even scored some free samosas thanks to the recommendation of a homeschooling friend!  Nate was desperately wanting to  jump in the pool so we went home for a break. It was nice to have some down time before heading back down to wander and check out different booths.

We had a quick supper and then back down to the waterfront to watch the band The Count and the Cuban Cocktail.  They were amazing!  We had so much fun dancing!  Then we spotted our friend Simone hooping and we all grabbed a hoop and hooped for a bit. The kids loved it almost as much as the mommies did!! 
 Emma-Lyn and I showing off our freshly painted faces.

 One of the Chinese acts.

And my favourite, The Count and the Cuban Cocktail.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Day 184

 It was a day of house cleaning then packing up a lunch and heading down to the waterfront for some art appreciation time. I love going down there and watching the artists work their magic. 

Afterwards we went to the museum with our friends and made plans for a playdate as well.  It was plenty warm out today so we pulled out the big pool.  The kiddos had a great time and the mommies enjoyed themselves on the deck sipping homemade ice caps.

This evening my wonderful friend Jennie and I went to Starbucks for sweet treats.  I have found a new favourite drink: peach green tea lemonade.  It was delicious! Then we did some shopping before heading down to Peake's Quay to listen to the live music and enjoy some half priced apps!

Miss Emma-Lyn playing teacher at the Garden of the Gulf Museum.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Day 183

Fruits and vegetables!  We love them!  We love them so much we walked to Avocados three times today.  Today was their grand opening in Montague and we were pretty excited to go.  Seems they had a few glitches to work through before officially opening their doors which resulted in our 3 attempted visits.  We've already eaten the peaches and asparagus and they were delicious!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Day 182

Happy Canada Day!  We had a wonderful day.  Got the day off to a smashing start by calling my folks and singing O Canada to them. We got some chores done and then it was off to Historic Orwell Corner for an afternoon filled with friends, family and tons of fun! 

It was great to see so many of our homeschooling friends there.  We joked that it was a homeschooling convention since there were so many of us there.  We watched the flag raising ceremony and had hotdogs and lemonade for lunch.  We followed that up with some yummy cake and then it was time for the children's races.  The kids had a blast and even won a couple of prizes.  The kids and I were a team for the scavenger hunt and I had so much fun.  Felt like just one of the kids!  There were wagon rides and animals to visit, candles to make and so much fun to be had.

Afterwards we had friends join us at our place for a BBQ and a bonfire.   My heart is just full from spending such wonderful time with great friends.  I am truly blessed!  I hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day as well!
 Flag raising ceremony.

 Beautiful Canadian horses.

 For Nate, it's all about how you hold your tongue.

 Emma-Lyn and friends making candles.

 So tranquil.

 Levi loved the animals.

It was a picture perfect kind of day.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 181

Today we went to the Belfast Mini Mills for a tour.  The owners were wonderful and engaged the children throughout the process.  The children also enjoyed felting together at the end of the tour.

 Such a cool peacock.
And this little lad decided it was great fun to throw himself into the hostas.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 180

It was a full day yesterday traveling and attending different services.  The morning church service lasted two hours which the kids managed quite well.  I was impressed.  Levi had a hard time with it though, so we were up and down and out and in just to help him through it.  And I have to say thanks to one of the most amazing friends I know!  Thank you Sarah Stevenson for being so gracious and understanding while we did what we could through the service.  It was great to see so many old friends and celebrate Alan Ressor's retirement from being the choirmaster at St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral in Charlottetown.  After scarfing down a few finger sandwiches from the reception, we were back in the car heading out to Clinton for a wedding.

On our way out we stopped at the Dollarama to purchase a gift bag and some tissue paper for the wedding gift.  Unfortunately I did not take a good look at how big the bag was for it was far too narrow for our wedding gift.  Thankfully there was the tissue paper and while Marko drove, I wrapped up our gift.  The wedding was beautiful and it was wonderful to see such a beautiful couple get married.  It was quite cold out and Levi was having a hard time and I think we were all fairly worn out so we said our good byes early and headed back home.  It was a Famous Peppers pizza kind of night.  We gobbled up our supper and then snuggled up in the living room to watch a show before bedtime.