Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sleigh Ride

Yesterday we went for a sleigh ride in Bonshaw with some other homeschool families.  It was a picture perfect day for it too!  The kids had a blast and afterwards there was hot chocolate and some time to go sledding.

It was a bit of a hike for us to go out there so we were thrilled to be invited to our friends' house for tea afterwards.  We were going for a cup of tea and some conversation...Then we had some popcorn and then some tasty blueberry loaf and well once you've stayed that long it was time to hang out for supper too.  The kids and I loved hanging out and I'm pretty sure my kids thought it was great to go over for tea but then get to stay for supper too!

It was well past bedtime by the time we got home and Levi was a bit of a hot mess by then but thankfully after about five minutes of fussing he was off to dreamland.  Such a wonderful day!!

 Levi was ever so pumped to be going on a sleigh ride.

 The gorgeous Argyle shore.

 Beautiful Belgians.  This is Prince and Duke--they were fantastic!

 Such a gorgeous day!

And time for some wipe outs and good times on the sledding hill.

Pulling master Levi back up the hill.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Celebrate Good Times!!

 Today we celebrated finishing our study of Canadian History.  This was our "textbook"
 We would read one section each session and the kids would draw a picture to illustrate what they learned about.  Then they would tell me about their picture and I would write what they said on their page.  Here they are pointing out their favourite illustrations:

 For our big day I decorated and set up a little display area of some of our books about Canada:

Our decorations:

And gotta have some themed snack to go along with the day:

 Then it was time for some fun activities:
 Their first event was a scavenger hunt.  They found the birds and flowers of each province as well as the provincial flag.  Once they had recovered everything they had to put the birds and flowers with their corresponding flag.

Next, they needed to put together our timeline.  In turns I would give each of them a picture and they would have to decide where that picture fit on the timeline.
 They really enjoyed this.

Afterwards, we headed for the living room to work on a map of Canada puzzle:

For lunch we indulged in some chocolate chip pancakes complete with Canadian maple syrup! Yum!
And yes that is a maple leaf cake on the table as well.  We're saving that for later.

And a parting shot of our complete timeline:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time For a Picnic!

I am full of the cold and so homeschool was conducted from my bedroom where we did our Canadian history and I read each of the children a book of their choosing.  Thankfully they went downstairs and played well together while I rested.

The story that Emma-Lyn picked out talked about a picnic and it was from there that we decided it was time for us to have one too!  It's a bit too wet and cold to go outside but I dressed up the kitchen floor and voila:

Pretty little picnic for the pupils at Peric Academy!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Islander Day!

This afternoon Grammie Peric came over and babysat Levi while the rest of us went to Charlottetown to see the Lego Batman Movie.  It was a fun flick and we hit Wendy's afterwards for a quick burger before heading home.

Emma-Lyn decided to do a little rummaging around once we got home and found a whole pile of old photos.  What a blast from the past!  I think I'll share some shots here on the ol' blog every once in a while.

So to start this whole throw back fun, let's start way back in the 70s:

Little ol' me from 1977. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Roaming at Roma

Today Nate and I went on our date.  We picked up some doughnuts and a coffee and hot chocolate at Tims and then headed over to Roma to wander around.

We were very thankful that others had been before us in their snowshoes so we were able to stay on top of the snow as long as we walked in their footprints.  It was an exhilarating workout and it was so beautiful too.  I love going to the beach no matter the season and I found it so eerily quiet without the regular lap of waves upon the shore but still so majestic.

 He loved running ahead of me.  Then I decided to give him a run for his money and ran past him but he quickly caught up to me but we both nearly landed head over heels in the snow!

And this evening we dined on some very fine  grilled Monterey  Jack cheese sandwiches and veggies from our delightful veggie tray:

And in other families and fine dining restaurants they garnish refreshment glasses with lemons but not so in the Casa Peric--here we like to garnish with a slice of cucumber and if you're looking for that extra little bit of  panache we'll even give you two slices!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Secret Sisters

This evening Emma-Lyn and I went to our church's Secret Sister Get Together.  It's a fun evening with a wonderful bunch of ladies.  This is the time where we find out who was our secret sister for the year as well as pick new ones for the new year. It's always a bit of fun to try and figure out who it was but I'm never very good at figuring out who was mine. 

We also have a fun Yankee swap--This year I made it extra awkward by offering the last secret number to one of the ladies and when she hesitated I threw the number I had grabbed but not looked at, back in the bowl.  Then I realized she was okay with taking the last number so I threw my hand back in there to take my original number back...And it would seem I managed to grab the best number for myself... Soooo awkward...Pretty sure my motto should be: I Came, I Saw, I Made it Awkward...

Still, it was a super fun night and I love my church family so much!

 The last gift from my secret sister!  So much hot chocolate!! YUM!

 Emma-Lyn's stash from the Yankee swap.

And I got this lovely bake ware from the Yankee swap.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

 We are all snowed in for another day.  In fact it is still snowing and we're gearing up for another storm to hit us on Thursday!  Fun times!

This morning the kids were greeted by this little display:

 They were tickled pink with their cards and chocolates.

For school time we did our regular circle time and then followed that up with a new math game:

 It's called Close to a Hundred and you roll two dice and multiply the numbers and put your array on your hundred chart and write the multiplication sentence at the bottom.  My kids LOVED this game!  Funny how simple games can make learning so much easier. The person that gets closest to a hundred wins.  Emma-Lyn was our winner this morning.  Very thankful for my friend Denise, who showed me this game!

After our little game we popped some popcorn and headed for the living room to watch an episode of Planet Earth.  Then it was time to try and tackle the snow that accumulated in our driveway. So much snow!!

We did manage to get a path shoveled around the van but had to break for lunch before getting any further.  Sean prepared lunch for us.  He made lemonade and the sandwich of our choice.  I'm very thankful for his willingness to serve.