Thursday, January 17, 2019

Moving Right Along

We had a great day today. I had all my plans made up and then the kids woke up and we immediately deviated from my plan...And that was okay!  The kids were interested in being creative so we went with it.  Paints and pastels were the order the day and they quite enjoyed themselves!
 Emma-Lyn loves this new kit she received from Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk.

And we did actually get around to getting through my plans as well and they did a great job!

We are all quite enjoying our new to us desktop computer.  All of the kids were anxious to start writing their own stories!

And later in the afternoon Nate and Levi got their Walk Off the Earth mojo going!
Nate made his guitar out of the keyboard box from the new computer. He loves just strumming it and seeing what different sounds it can make.

It was a pretty simple day but much enjoyed by all!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Her Actual Birthday!!

 It was a very relaxed and lovely day!  I have to admit it was nice to have a break during the week to putter and work on other projects as the kids played.

 Emma-Lyn was very happy to have a new winter jacket and wasted no time getting outside to play!

We had Grammie Peric drop by in the afternoon with gifts and stories to share.

 I forget how the topic came up but the kids were wanting to find out what their names mean.  Sean means God is gracious. Emma-Lyn has a couple of meanings--one is hardworking and another is universal waterfall--that's taking the two names separately. Nathaniel means gift from God and Levi means joined in harmony.

For supper I cooked my first whole chicken in my InstantPot!  And it was delicious! We had veggies and two potato options.  I usually make mashed potatoes and I had already started that when I remembered that Emma-Lyn had wanted wedges.  So we had wedges too! The kids quite enjoyed the wedges--glad to have extras to serve tomorrow for lunch!

After supper Deda, Auntie Linda, Uncle Henk and Daniel came for cake and ice cream.

Mmmm cake!
And of course time for telling stories!

Miss Emma-Lyn turns 11!!

Well, it is officially Wednesday, January 16th which means it is my baby girl's birthday!!

She's turning the big 11 and is super excited!  We'll take the day easy and just enjoy being together. We'll prepare a nice chicken dinner to share with family this evening and of course cake and ice cream!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Just Another Day..

As far as homeschool went, it was a pretty okay day.  Nate was a keener and was downstairs and doing his copy work before the others even found their breakfast.

We had a few bumps through the morning but everyone worked through frustrations to gain understanding.

And then there was the issue with the plumbing.  We seem to have sprung a leak in the pipes leading from the kitchen sink to the basement. Marko did a bit of a patch job the night before in hopes that it would hold us until our plumber could come.

I really wanted to get a few dishes done but wanted to be sure it would be okay so I sent a couple of the kids to the basement to see if Marko's fix worked...Well it wasn't dripping from that spot anymore as it was gushing from further up the pipe...Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Just as I was messaging Marko about this new development, Claire came to teach piano and I shared my pluming woes with her.  We looked at the pipes and ran some water but this time no gushing!  I don't understand why that happened--or why it was gushing before or why it had been leaking in the first place! So frustrating!  The plumber will be coming later this week and hopefully we'll have this solved soon.

Claire and I did manage to squeeze my piano lesson in as my friend Rachel came to visit with her kids.  We had a lovely time together and she even took a couple of my kids home with her.  I was thrilled to pop over and pick my kids up and see her new home.  I love how cozy and warm her home is!  Can't wait to visit again!

When we got home, it was up to bed with the kiddos and off to school prep for me.

Everything ready for tomorrow!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Crazy Fun Times

We have enjoyed a wonderful weekend and the girls did in fact fall asleep--it was my younger boys that needed convincing to go to sleep!

In the morning we were all able to get ready and out the door to get to church on time! After church we came home and got some lunch on the table and let the kids relax for a bit.  Then we were on our way over to the MacDonald's to drop off Hannah.

Upon arriving and discovering that neither family had much in the way of plans for the afternoon we quickly decided it would be great to spend the afternoon together!  The guys went on a shopping run while Bonnie and I had a coffee and caught up on what was happening in our lives.

We had the MacDonald/Peric supper delight of nachos for yummy!  While the men folk got supper going Bonnie and I amused everyone by playing Watch Your Mouth--So hilarious!

I know what you're thinking--"She's just so cute as we see all of her dental work and wow--is that drool running down her chin?!"  Yep-- definitely a game for times when you don't mind looking completely ridiculous!

And we were actually a little serious and down to work as we played this fun escape room!
 We escaped the Pharaoh's Tomb!

Such a great weekend full of fun and zany memories!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Curling Tournament and Birthday Party Fun!!

It has been a busy day!!  We were up early on a Saturday morning and out the door before 9:30 to head over to Sean's curling tournament.  He was so excited!  He loves playing in the George's Deck and Recovery Funspiel.  He and his team had a blast and came out first!  Well done, Team Shaw!
 Sean throwing his first rock.

Marko picked up Deda and we all stayed to watch Sean's first game which they won! It was fun discussing the game and shots taken even with the parents of the opposing team.  Such a great sport for all!

There was much still to do at home so the kids and I went home to finish prepping for Emma-Lyn's birthday party. Emma-Lyn had six wonderful girl friends come over to celebrate her upcoming eleventh birthday She even did the decorating herself!

 Love her flare for colour!
 We were just putting on the finishing touches when guests began arriving.  There was the somewhat awkward small talk at first.  But we quickly got into some fun minute to win it games to break the ice. We started with a spirited balloon balancing game and then a cup stacking game.  I was so wrapped up in the fun I forgot to take pictures!

 Here the girls had to gently use a skewer to place nuts on top of each other in a tower.  This one was quite difficult.  Only one girl was able to get all ten to balance.

 Then they had to use a straw to move 20 marshmallows from one plate to the other.  These two girls were so in sync they tied for first!

Our final game was quickly putting a puzzle map of Canada together!  Those girls were quick!! 

The kids enjoyed some snacks and gift opening time before heading back to the kitchen for birthday cake.  I made the cake and Emma-Lyn iced it.

 The happy bunch.

Once cake was done and bellies full, it was time for relaxing and watching The Greatest Showman.
 Such a lovely group of girls!

And now Emma-Lyn has her bestie over for a sleep over...Hopefully they actually sleep!

And It's Friday!!

 It was a nice quiet morning which we filled with house cleaning and decluttering. I'm going through the bookshelves to see what might be purged.

Lunch time got a bit dicey...Levi decided that he wanted scrambled eggs and that was all fine and dandy until he dropped one egg on the floor.  And while I was cleaning that up he poured what was left of our container of milk into the bowl ...So much milk.  I threw in the rest of our eggs hoping that it would even things out.  It went pretty well--lots of scrambled eggs to go around.  Emma-Lyn, Nate and I also had some scrambled eggs. Yum!

After quiet time we had a spelling quiz and math quiz and then it was time for some real fun:
 This was our first time playing Dixit and the kids are hooked! 

I really wanted to go snowshoeing again even as the day light was fading.  This time Emma-Lyn, Nate and Levi joined me on my trek.  This was Levi's first time and he quite liked it!

Giving it a go!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Good Day to Go Snowshoeing!

 But first--a good book to recommend:

 The kids and I quite enjoyed this book this morning.  I didn't intend to read it all in one sitting but it was just so good.  A sweet story with sad parts that made me cry and just such a wonderful ending.  And told by a dog's point of view! Loved it!

In the afternoon I decided it would be a good idea to go snowshoeing.  We certainly have enough of the white stuff!

It wasn't long before I was joined by two other enthusiasts!

We had a lovely walk together.  Sean and I did even attempt a race!  Surprisingly, neither of us fell over and Sean won.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

A Brand New Day!!

And it was glorious!! So much better than yesterday! I don't know if we all got a bit more sleep, had more grace for each other or had a complete breakfast but we did a great job!

Outside the storm was howling and the boys played out in the windy snow/sleet/freezing rain mixture. 
 This just feels cold!

When they came in I had their hot chocolate and little bowls of chocolate covered raisins ready.

 So lovely to gather around the warmth of the wood stove and get to work.  Now, that is not to say that the day went perfectly smoothly.  We hit a few snags but when the light bulb went one for one of them it was brilliant!  And that is a major part of why I love homeschooling--to see the frustration disappear and that lovely light bulb go on.

Each of the kids really kicked it into high gear and it was so wonderful to see what they were able to accomplish. I'm proud of them, of us, of sticking with it even when things were tough.

After supper the big kids enjoyed a game of Sheriff of Nottingham. They love this game and get sooo ridiculously goofy about it!