Sunday, October 06, 2019

Our Weekend Away!

 And it is now that I realize I haven't posted since before Dorian.  So in case you're wondering--we made it!  Nothing too serious--just some downed tree branches and a 20 hour power outage for us although other parts of the Island and maritimes saw outages for much longer periods!

This weekend Marko and I went away to celebrate our upcoming 16th wedding anniversary!  It was a lovely weekend and it started off with the kindness of this young man:

 He got up early to surprise us all with a lovely pancake breakfast!  And it was good he did! It helped Marko and I get going and finish up packing for our little trip to Fredericton. Grammie Peric came to look after the kids and we scooted out the door.

We had a few errands to run around Montague before heading out and we decided to have lunch there which was delicious!

It was a beautiful day for a drive and I brought along my crochet hook and a book of patterns.  It has been awhile since I've done any crocheting but it felt great to get back at it.  My stitches are pretty rusty but by the end of the trip my little washcloth wasn't looking too bad!

The happy couple!

We booked a cute litle Airbnb on the outskirts of Fredericton.  It was just perfect.  Our host was wonderful and directed us to a wonderful restaurant for supper.

 The living room.
 Looking into the kitchen and dining area.

 The bathroom.
 And the bedroom.  It was all so cozy and clean!

We went to Sam Sneads for supper and it was scrumptious and the waitress was a hoot!
 I had their salmon burger and Marko had a wrap.

Afterwards we checked out the Beaverbrook Gallery:

 This is an amazing gallery!!  Marko and I loved all the exhibits and were delighted to find out they had some Salvador Dali pieces.

 This is a piece by Cornelius Krieghoff.  This is a fun one to look at and enjoy each of the characters in the scene.  Can you spot the gentleman who appears to be throwing up into a bucket?

 And this is a magnificent piece by Salvador Dali!

On Friday we did some thrift store shopping which didn't turn up as many treasures as I had hoped.. After having lunch at Subway we ended up at Town Hall to get maps and pamphlets and just happened to be in time for a city walking tour. 

 Fredericton is a beautiful little city and I quite enjoyed the history lesson as we walked along listening to our guide.

 This is what used to be the soldiers barracks but is now used by the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design as studios.

After the tour we went to Issac's Way for supper.  I love that this spot supports local and is unique to Fredericton.

 And I love their government building!

After supper we were off to Unplugged, the local boardgame cafe!
 We played a fun new game called Unearth! I won!

Then we went upstairs and tried out one of their escape rooms!  It was A LOT OF FUN!!
 Afterwards we played a couple more boardgames and I may have won both of those as well! :)

On Saturday morning we checked out the Farmers Market.  What a great vibe there!  Lots of people but not overwhelmingly so.  We enjoyed wandering around and looking at all the vendors.  We found a few treasures and ate samosas for lunch.

 In the afternoon we were off to the Fredericton Region Museum.  It was wonderful! So many interesting exhibits like this one:
 Could you imagine living in tents through the winter?!

 And this was my first time using a Virtual Reality device. It described what happened to the village of St.Anne when the British came to expel the Acadians.

 Once we had gone through all the exhibits we thought it would be nice to follow up with a little treat from Starbucks. When we go there, they were fairly busy so we decided to bide some time by checking out some local shops...And this is where I come up with one of my most awkward moments to date!

As we wander in, one of the clerks cheerily says, "Hello!" And I respond in kind and then the lady in front of me said hi and stupidly, I thought she was talking to me --so I call out, "Hi!" once again and instantly realize my mistake, as I see the person she was intending to say hi to.

 And while we are in this little moment of awkward I decided to ramp it up a bit more by proclaiming, "Hi everyone! I have arrived!"
 "Also, apparently I'm looking for a friend."
Insert awkward giggles.
The clerk behind the counter says, "Aww, I'll be your friend."
Finally--I was duly mortified and ceased making any more comments...And did I mention that this was one of those more hoity-toity stores?!! about feeling special...As we quickly found our way back out of the store I remarked to Marko that that even for me this was one of my more ridiculous entrances EVER!  How do I get myself into these things?!

We did go back to Starbucks and pick up the frapp and decided we had done enough peopling things and it was a good evening to go home and watch a movie.

 We did take a moment to go for a little walk and see the sunset.  It was gorgeous!

This morning we went to church and enjoyed being with another small community of believers who welcomed us and we enjoyed worship together.

It wasn't long before we were back on the road again seeing lovely signs like these everywhere:


And now we're back home safe and sound.  The kids were thrilled to see us and ran to us with hugs and lovins! It was wonderful to get away but so much more so to come home and be thankful for your family.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Birthday, School and a Hurricane!

 I'm happy to report that we are all safe and sound in our cozy little home as Hurricane Dorian begins his trek across the Maritimes. We have food and water ready as well as wood for the wood stove and candles and lanterns at the ready.  And Marko's boss dropped off a generator for us! This could be a long power outage so it's good to be prepared.

Last Saturday we were in sunny Nova Scotia celebrating my 43rd birthday.  We went to the Whistleberry to get some ice creams and then went back to Gramma and Grampa's for cake.  We camped in their backyard and in the morning had a lovely visit to IKEA.

 Everyone enjoying their ice cream cones!

On Labour day we went to Kings Castle and enjoyed more ice cream and time to play on their fun equipment!

The evening before school started, the kids and I went to the beach!!  It was glorious.  The kids played and splashed and had the best time.  And I was thrilled that we had the freedom to do this--not to be bogged down with thinking of getting lunches ready and other schooly type things!  We just enjoyed making memories before hitting the books in the morning.

I enjoyed getting things ready for the morning.  I got some fun books for the kids and new shirts.

 The kids loved having presents to open in the morning!

 And they loved their books!

In the afternoon we took advantage of the wonderful weather and went on a trail walk!

 The kids were pumped that they made it to "Lost Island" and gave me this celebratory shot.

We also grabbed a treat and hung out at the waterfront for a bit.  It will be interesting to see how much this scene will have changed after Dorian passes through.

And yesterday we had a great time at the Homeschool Not Back to School Picnic.  We had a great turnout!  So many new people to meet and friends to catch up with!

And in other news, I got my hair cut.  I was a little nervous at first as the hairdresser cut it much shorter than I had intended.  I think I like it now but it still kinda surprises me when I see myself in the mirror.

And here we are all hunkered down for Dorian.

Marko and I went to Superstore this morning--it was BUSY!!  Took us and hour to get through but people were in good spirits!
Storm chips!!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Changes Are Coming!

 I have wanted for a long time to do something about my flabby bits. Levi says he loves my stomach because it reminds him of dough--not exactly music to my ears.  I had another dear soul ask me if I was putting on weight or was I two to three months pregnant....And no this person isn't known for their tactfulness.

 I've tried Zumba, dance and Pilates videos.  I have danced with friends and completed jump rope challenges. I've never been successful with sticking with it and seeing real results.

Now, I'm hoping to be different.  Sean's football coach, Tim is also a personal trainer and I happened to approach him about his knowledge in training and he was a wealth of information! I was excited and he invited me to join him at the gym to go over some weight training with me.

I brought the kids with me to the gym and while they hung out with Tim's kids, Tim and I got down to the business of figuring out a good routine for me and how to move forward.  I had my second day at the gym today and I'm so excited but also I am so dead!

Tim encouraged me to write down my fitness goals and post them in places where I'll see them and be reminded to stick to it!  Also I took some before shots--

 We're also talking about diet and what I can improve in that area.  There is a lot of work to be done but I CAN and WILL do it!!

In other news, we were almost going to have to post about an even bigger change in our family! 

Yesterday I was offered a full time teaching job in Charlottetown!  It totally blew me away as it wasn't something that I had been thinking about.  I told Marko at work right away and then I headed over to my friend Denise's place to hash things out.  We discussed what would I be losing/gaining by doing this, what would a worst day/best day look like both as full time teacher with my kids coming with me to attend school and what those days look like in a homeschool day. We chatted for quite some time until it was time to head to soccer practice. 

The mom's and dads even got to play soccer this time. I played defender and even defended using my face! I do not recommend that particular style of defensive move! But I digress...

After taking the time to really think this through, talk with trusted friends and pray, pray, pray  Marko and I came to a place of peace and clarity.  While it was an interesting prospect, it just wasn't feasible for us now and I'm not ready to give up all the benefits of homeschooling our children.  Who knows, maybe sometime in the future things will change but right now we are right where we need to be.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Sunny Days!

 The past week has been full of fun and sun. We've enjoyed more days on the beach, outings to the library and just puttering here and there.

 Nate was especially pumped when we got the text that he could do on the sprayer with his uncle Henk.  He enjoyed an entire morning of farm work.

At home we had our last visit with Levi's case worker.  He will be too old to receive any more autism support so off we go on our own.  He is very high ability and low need, however I don't feel that our worker got the best assessment done for him. Most of his needs are in the social realm and he really didn't have any testing done in that area. She did provide me with some info on working through social issues so hopefully that will get us on the right track.

On Tuesday we had quite the soccer practice.  Storm clouds seemed to circle us and I was hopeful that they would just move on--alas it did rain down on us but not for long.  Play did not stop and the children welcomed the cool down!

And the faint rainbow after the rain was lovely.

Fall is quickly approaching so I took some time to do some reorganizing in our school room.
 Nate was my big helper and together we got the job done.  I am so happy with the result!

Emma-Lyn went to work outside and mowed our back lawn for us.  Such a big job and she did great!

And just like that Friday arrived and Sean was home.  We also had his friend Gabe and his brother James stay with us for the weekend.  Emma-Lyn went on a weekend long sleepover at her bestie's house.
 The big boys loved having their picture taken.  When they all first arrived I began to wonder what I had done!  They had SOOO MUCH ENERGY!  I just wanted to run away to somewhere quiet! It wasn't long though until everyone settled down and we had a great weekend together.

 The little boys built a pretty impressive fort in Nate and Levi's room!

That evening Doug and Tammy came over to play an escape room with us!  We had a blast and won!

The following day we were off to Kings Castle for our Sunday School picnic.  It was such a gorgeous day!  Everyone had so much fun!  The event itself went from 10 until  2 but we stayed till 4! We had no other plans and the kids were having a blast!

That evening James desperately wanted to go to the skate park so off we went!
 Again, much fun was had!

On Sunday we dropped off the boys and picked up Emma-Lyn.  I gave her a big hug and told her she was never allowed to leave me with all those boys ever again! :)

Today the kids and I had a quiet morning of just catching up on laundry and puttering about the house.  In the afternoon we met with the Forresters at the library and we happened to bump into the Ellsworths as well. We had a great little visit.

Later on we managed to head over to the Back to School Bash at Cornerstone Baptist Church.  The kids enjoyed the bouncy castle!
 We picked up some great school supplies and stopped for some lemonade and a delicious baked potato or two.

Then we were off to the beach!
 I LOVE Panmure beach!

I'm gonna miss these sunny summer days--gotta drink up every last drop of sunshine!