Sunday, December 31, 2006

What A Sweetheart

This morning during the church service there weren't enough helpers in the nursery so I decided to stay down and help out. Am I ever glad I did because I got to see my little busy boy take a moment to be sweet. There was a little girl that came in and wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. I started talking to her and showing her some toys. Sean just bubbled over to her rested his head against her, hugged her and then grasped her wrists and put them around his little back-so sweet. She seemed happy to meet Sean and they played together for awhile.

In other news, Auntie Linda was the receipient of another new moment from Sean. She was feeding Sean his lunch and he was happily munching away on his cheerios. He grasped one and while holding it out to Auntie Linda he said, "Here." How neat is that?

Now for something completely different, last night Nick, Linda and I went to the PEI Rocket game. (Marko wasn't feeling well) What a blast!! I love going to hockey games and yelling and jumping up when our team scores. Unfortunately the Rocket lost but it was still fun. I think the funniest part was when I was coming back to my seat after visiting a friend of mine between periods. I was just wandering along when I happened to notice the gentleman beside me and he looked so familiar. I quickly realized that I knew him from Ontario but I could not think of his name. I considered not saying anything since I might look like a dork not knowing his name, but I went for it anyways.
So I said to him, "You work in Ontario don't you?"
He looks at me like I have 3 heads, and mumbles, "Umm yeah, I live there."
"Yeah, yeah," I replied, my mind was whirling as I scrambled for some sort of personal connection that he might remember me by.
"Ummm, you're a friend of Jamie MacKay's right?"
"Yeah!" He says happily. Great, now we're getting somewhere!
"Yeah, I used to live in Bowmanville, you know and worked at that horrible Chinese school."
"Ahh" (the light finally came on) "The school from Hell!"
"Yes! Yes, thats the one, you remember. I'm sorry but I can't remember your name."
"Right, Stewart, I'm Laura."
"So, you're here for Christmas?"
"Yep, here until January 7th."
"Cool, cool...hmmm well guess you'd like to get back to your seat."
"Yeah, I think they're starting again."
"Nice to see you."
"You too."
There was a bit more chat about teaching but in a nutshell that was the conversation. How silly eh? Only in PEI could you go up to someone and say "Hey you work in Ontario," and be able to figure out who they are.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Have You Ever Played Pit?!

Last night Marko and I and Linda were invited to the MacDougall's for Chili and games. Marko and I were the second couple to arrive, Dan and Andrea were there first setting things up. Amanda and Joel and Linda came afterwards and we got right into eating Chili and it was delicious. After stuffing our faces we decided to get into the games. I had never played Pit before and wasn't sure what to think of it. But now that I've played it, I'm totally addicted. It's a great card game where there are no turns and everyone yells at once. A game, I'm sure the Hopes would enjoy ;) The best part was that I won four rounds in a row! I so want our own Pit game! Oh, and did I mention the spoons? Yeah, ya get to grab a spoon too. Ultimate fun time! Later the MacLeods and Cuthills arrived so we played a rousing game of What If, where we pondered the possibilities of what could happen in close encounters of flatulence among other things.

Tonight was a different kind of fun. We had a bunch of good friends and new good friends in to see Bride and Prejudice. Yes, I did mean to say Bride. It's a Bollywood parody of Pride and Prejudice. And yes, there were men here to watch the flick too. I would have to say that it was really quite an amusing film. In India the films are censored quite a bit and so they don't allow any kissing on screen. You wouldn't think that would matter too awful much except when they get to the most climatic moment in the film and you just know that the two main characters are going to kiss, and then the girl just nuzzles her head under his chin. Very weird. And there were some super cheesy parts too. My favourite was when the guy and gal were walking along the beach and music is playing and you hear singing and all of a sudden they're walking in front of a black choir standing on bleachers in the middle of this beach!!

I must apologize for the lack of pictures. Again something is wrong with our little camera so Marko has to find some time to tinker with it and get it going again. Such fun!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

High Five Dude!!

Today Jennie stopped in to drop off some super sweet Christmas chocolates and a cafe mocha! Yummmy! While she was here Sean was his usual charming self. I really think he likes Jennie quite a bit. He would go off and play but then come sauntering back to Jennie and just beam at her! The cutest though, was when Jennie held up her hand and asked Sean for a high five. He smiled and held up his hand and walked over to her and totally high fived her! So I put my hand up and asked for a high five. He turned looked at me, raised his little hand and wandered all the way over to me (his little hand in the air the entire time) and high fived me. What a cutie. We're planning to go over to Nick's a bit later and hopefully we can catch him on video to show you.

We received another Christmas card today! This one was all the way from the UK, from my friend Mary (FREAK). Wow, her little boy Peter has grown so much! What made me the happiest though was reading that she and her family are coming to the Maritimes this summer!! I can't wait to see her!

I also just wanted to wish the Hope family a very Merry Christmas. I don't just mean my mom and dad and sister, but all my aunts and uncles on that side of the family too. I got to thinking about Christmases past and how when we lived in Ontario, the Hopes would usually get together at our place. It was great! Our aunts and uncles are the best! They would humour my sister and I and play all the little games we made up! We loved it! Then we would have dinner and wear those silly looking paper hats!

Now that brings us to more recent Christmases spent in Nova Scotia. And I want to say Merry Christmas to the Wuite family! After the Christmas Eve service my Uncle Frank and Aunt Holly would have us up for really yummy eats and drinks. I remember one year trying deer venison..that wasn't so yummy but the wings totally made up for it! Of course I wish a very Merry Christmas to my Uncle John and Aunt Judy who live all the way out in Alberta too! We never spent Christmas together but always received a phone call! :)

And how could I forget Marko's Dad and Donna who also live way out west. Merry Christmas to you both as well!

Jennie and Sean spending some quality time together.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So Should I Turn This Into an NHL Blog?!

I was checking my email this evening when I received a special invite to be part of the NHL blogging world. They somehow came across my site and with only a few references to the Toronto Maple Leafs, looks like I've got the in I need to join countless other NHL bloggers. That said, I don't think I'll be taking them up on their offer. As much as I love my hockey, I love Sean a whole lot more and I have a feeling that you, dear reader love Sean more than any thoughts I may have about hockey.

I thought I might give you some background info as to the beautiful charcoal portait of Sean I posted for my wordless wednesday. It was drawn by a lovely Russian art teacher at the school that Marko's mom and sister teach at. Using two photographs, she came up with what I beleive is the dearest picture of Sean I've ever seen. Marko and I went out and bought a frame for it this evening. We've hung it in above Sean's toy cabinet in our living room. She totally captured Sean's personality; his whole happy little outlook on life!

Of course Sean's favourite toys were the boxes stuff came in!

And this my friends, is the massive amount of leftover turkey we had!

Our little sweetie pie all bundled up.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How Was Your Christmas?

Did you have a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas or was it more boistorous and chaotic? Did you get everything on your list or did you receive mostly underwear and socks? Did you eat enough turkey or so much that you had to unbutton your pants?

We had a very lovely and relaxing Christmas. Sean didn't get up until around 8 and he played with his nativity set and then we did stockings. Marko's mom and sister came after one and we got into the presents. Sean had a blast with all the wrapping paper and boxes. Sean got some pretty neat stuff. Marko and I got him a few things, we were happy to get him some mega blocks. I always loved playing with Lego when I was little. The coolest present I think that Sean got was his own personal trampoline!! Grammie and Auntie Linda brought that from Cyprus. At the moment he mostly enjoys crawling all over it. He likes to boogie on it when we turn some tunes on for him.

After all the presents we got busy preparing our Christmas dinner. We have soooo much left over turkey! It was a lovely dinner, we had dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnip whip dip, rolls and for dessert we had apple pie made by Gramma Hope. Finally, we sat and watched that Christmas classic Pirates of the Caribbean! :)

Unwrapping his first gift.

"I got a drum!!"

The toy in his hand goes in the tub and is like a little shower head.

Playing on his trampoline.

A quiet moment with Grammie.

Blowing Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles on Vimeo

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying a joyful Christmas. We are currently taking a little break as Sean is down for a nap. Perfect time to blog! :)

On Christmas Eve we went to church for the special service in the evening. I was a little concerned how Sean was going to do since he would be up well past his bedtime. I am so happy and proud to report that Sean did amazing! He didn't fuss at all. He was mezmerized by everything, all the pretty lights, the songs and even his Daddy reading at the front of the church. He called out Dada, when Marko began reading, super sweet! We were going to go around looking at Christmas lights but by this time Sean had had all the excitement his little body could hold. So he and I went home and I put him to bed where he went to sleep in a snap. Marko and his mom and sister went around to see the lights. This gave me time to get things cleaned up and prepared for Christmas day.

Gramma and Grampa Hope got Sean a Little Peoples Nativity set and I couldn't find any wrapping paper or a bag big enough for it so I set it up on the living room floor for Sean to enjoy as soon as he got up. He seemed very happy with his new toy and barely wanted to stop playing to have his bottle. We opened our stockings already too. Sean's stocking was full of winter clothes; two toques, mittens and socks with hockey logos on it. Later this morning we will have Marko's mom and sister over and will get into the presents! I can't wait!

Isn't he sweet?! All set to go to the Christmas Eve service.

Sean's nativity set from Gramma and Grampa Hope.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas is Really Here!!

Wow, its like way early on Christmas Eve day and I am so excited!! Marko's Mom and Sister arrived here on Thursday and we've been having a great time just catching up and getting ready for Christmas. I'm so super glad that they made it home for Christmas! Their luggage (well 2 out of 3 pieces) finally made it to Charlottetown today!

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! I had to work early and late and that was okay, I really enjoy working with my elderly couple. They have a lot of fun teasing each other and me so we get along really well. After work we headed home to get things ready to go caroling and have people in afterwards. Unfortunately it was raining a wee bit so the turn out wasn't great but those that were able to make it, made the most of this exciting experience. I must admit that I have never before gone caroling and I was somewhat nervous about doing it. I shouldn't have been because it was just really fun to do. We were an interesting sight to behold, there were Marko and I with Sean in the stroller, Shawn and Haley with Olivia in a stroller and their two boys, Lukas and Sylas bouncing along beside them, and Linda was right there in the midst of it. The children were great. Lukas would pick out a few tunes for us to sing and ring the doorbells. Sylas was candy greeter. Olivia and Sean were the super cuteness factor. Sean was so good throughout the experience. I was so proud of him! The people who opened their doors seemed genuinely happy to have us if not a wee bit surprised. I can't wait to do this again!

After caroling we all hung out in our apartment for some refreshments. It was soon time for Sean to have supper and go to bed. We quickly settled him to bed and then Marko and I desperatley had to head out to do some serious last minute shopping. We were both somewhat dreading this as we figured the malls and such would be complete mayhem but it was a necessary evil, so we headed out. But before we got out the door, Shawn presented us with a fresh turkey donated by a couple from a church! Woo Hoo! We had already bought our bird, but this Turkey could've had ours for it's lunch!

Anyways back to our outing. We stopped at Pizza Delight and were happy to see how quiet it was there. We had a lovely meal and set out to conquer our last minute shopping. We headed straight for the mall and had no problem getting a good parking space! Inside was even better, there was no crowd, no lines and LOTS of clearence items!! We had the best last minute shopping experience ever! We got everything we needed and stayed within our budget!! How awesome is that?!

When we got home Shawn and Hayley were still there chatting with Marko's mom and sister. I was thrilled about that 'cause we hadn't really been able to visit with them and I'm always excited to be a part of grown up talk!

So, yes I can now finally say that I'm ready for Christmas...oh dear...just remembered that I should probably wrap some last minute presents that I bought at the last minute...Oh dear...

Friday, December 22, 2006

O Holy Night

Isn't this great?! Michelle from Between Diapers and Dishes found this great video for the music for O Holy Night. So in case you didn't get a chance to hear the awesomeness that is this song, now you can watch it too!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Little Helper

Sean has been, in what I can only assume is a desire to be helpful, putting his toys away in different places. For instance, I have found teddy perched on Sean's highchair, a truck loving placed in a kitchen drawer, a plastic ring on Marko's desk. Well today this happened:

He is trying to "help" right? Hes not actually actively trying to drive me insane...

I'm still working with Sean to point to his nose. He'll point to the side of his face so last night I tried this:
Cherrio on the nose, surely he can't miss it!

"Oh, I can feel it, its right on the tip of my nose!"

The double cherrio take down.

Great hat eh?!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Tour

I just heard about this neat idea of being a part of a Christmas Tour of Homes over at BooMama and thought it would be fun to be apart of it and welcome both friends and family as well as fellow bloggers into our home to see our pretty little Christmas decorations. So without further ado, welcome to our humble little home.

My little Snowmen welcoming committee.

The kitchen light display, its not much but I enjoy the pretty colours.

The living room window treatment.

Our Nativity Scene. I don't have shepherds yet, so lets just say they're over the hill top somewheres.

And finally our little Christmas tree. I was going to put up the 6 foot one but this is so much easier to keep Sean out of.

I hope you enjoyed your visit, I'm glad you could come and take a little peek at my decorations. Merry Christmas to all!!

Bustin' a Groove

Christmas Dance on Vimeo

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Fun Evening

Okay, this boy is just too funny. Tonight at bathtime, Sean grabbed his biggest rubber duckie and placed it on top of the tub faucet. I'm not sure if he was preaching to it, teaching it to dance or what exactly but there was a lot of jabbering, hand waving and bopping up and down at the duckie. The duckie for it's part could only sit and watch in horror as Sean scooped him up and put him in his mouth for the finale.

After putting Sean to bed, Jennie and I went to see the Christmas Cantata at Grace Baptist Church. It was really good. It was great to go there and see so many friends! Afterwards, Jennie and I got some coffee at Tims and then drove around town looking at all the pretty Christmas lights. Now, if you happen to be living or visiting the Charlottetown area over Christmas, you simply must visit what I shall affectionately name the 97.1 house! Our friend Matt mentioned to go see this place. I'm so glad that he did, cause it is so freaking amazing! The owner has lights all over his lawn and house and has them timed to flash in time to some music that he has playing on the radio station 97.1 FM. This is a definite must see! To get there, just head for the Charlottetown airport on Brakley Point road and turn unto MacLean Ave. From there turn right on Canon Dr. You can't miss it, really you can't! We had a bonus feature when we were there. There was a van parked in front of us with like 4 or 5 nine year old boys. They were just rocking it out in the van. Then they got out of the van and continued to dance up a storm. Then the music went sorta slow, so the one little fella grabbed the other and tried to force him to slow dance. It was hysterical!

Here are some super cute bedtime pictures of Sean:

"I'm looking over a..ah, this ain't no four leaf clover."

"And this is my hand, Mommy!" I've been trying to teach Sean his body parts, he seems to know where his ear is but his nose, well at least he knows its on his face.

Our little sweetie pie!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

You've Got to Check This Out!!!

This is just too funny! Marko and I have listened to it a couple of times and we still laugh. I don't think I've ever heard any song butchered as bad as this rendition of O Holy Night. Click here to listen. This may take a minute or two to load but it is soooo worth it!! Trust me on this one!

Christmas Party

Well, yesterday was quite the adventure! My food poisoning finally subsided around 5:30 in the morning. I got very little sleep through the night though, due to the many trips to the washroom. I wasn't sure how looking after Sean was going to go. Thankfully Sean was terrific and had 3 naps!! He played really well all day so I was able to take it easy through the day. By the time I had Sean in bed I was feeling pretty near like my old self again. I felt good enough to go to the Christmas party that our friend Nick was hosting. Am I ever glad that I was feeling better! We had a great time. There was soooo much food!! I didn't eat much of it then but Marko managed to snag some calozone and oh my word, it was sooooo good!! We had a yankee swap for some gag gifts which was fun and then we played Scene It, Outburst and Corporate Shuffle. It was a great time!

Here's the crew: from left to right are; Nancy, Mike, Brian, Bonnie, Nick, Marko, Troy, Matt and Malcolm. Jennie was there too but she was sitting right beside me so I couldn't get her in the shot.

Friday, December 15, 2006

My What a Day!!

I hate to admit it but I was very glad to see the end of yesterday. It was not a very pretty day by any stretch of the imagination. I woke up in a bit of a frustrated funk. I have no idea why I was like that and I just couldn't seem to get myself out of it for the rest of the day. Now add to that Sean being cranky and you've got the makings of a minor melt down in the Peric household. It seemed that Sean and I were at odds with each other for most of the day. That's not to say we didn't have good times but they seemed far and few between, not our usual pattern. By the time supper rolled around I had no energy left and thankfully Marko suggested some burgers from Wendys. I was all for that, and the burger tasted great going down...but then, oh how I lived to regret the burger. I won't go into any gory detail, but lets just say that food poisoning isn't any fun at all!

"I'm walking on sunshine!!"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Are You Kidding Me?!

How did this happen? Since when does my son disagree like this? Remember how I told you that Sean was helping to clean up his toys? Yeah, today he was just not into it. I asked him to pick up his yellow truck, I pointed to it, I asked nicely (several times). He looked where I pointed, looked back at me and quietly said, "no." Then he turned and headed into the kitchen. I could hardly believe it! He stood in the kitchen, on the other side of the table. I called to him and asked him to come to me. The boy would not budge. I could just see his little face under the tablecloth and at the same moment he realized he could see me. So there we were peering at each other, wondering who would break first. I called again and asked him where Mommy was. He let out a giggle and came over to me...finally. So we both went over to the yellow truck and he did pick it up and pass it to me. My stars, that was quite the experience! He's shook his head before but never said no and then walked away! Not such a little baby anymore...*sigh*


Canada Needs YOU!

I like my new basket, fits me just right!"

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Toast is Done

Sean is becoming quite a little helper around the house these days. He is able to help pick up his toys and put away his books. I'll ask him to get such and such a toy and he'll bring it to me, then I'll put it in the cabinet or on the book shelf. Indeed, we haven't quite got this down to a science but it's coming. Sean will also go and get his slippers when I ask him and bring them to me so I can put them on his feet. Today was super sweet though. I had put some bread in the toaster for Sean and I and then went about getting out the peanut butter and knife and plate while Sean munched away on his cheerios. I was turned away from Sean and the toaster when it popped. Sean started squealing so I turned around and he was grinning and pointing at the toaster, as if to say, "Look Mommy, our toast is done!" What a cutie.

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Time to go play.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Forgot to Thank a Few People

Yes, I wanted to thank Great Auntie Bernie and my friend Mary for their completely unexpected but totally appreciated birthday cards for Sean! They were so sweet! I should also mention a bit about Mary...See I met Mary at Mount A. She is one of the zaniest people I have ever met. And whenever we got together there would be much silliness and a whole lot of giggling much to our choir director's chagrin. Anywho, since our Mount A days, Mary has moved to England and started her own sweet little family. So imagine my surprise when I opened her card to find Canadian currency staring back at me!! How'd she do that I wondered..funny how other countries have banks and other such places where you can exchange money! I can be such a freak sometimes!

Sean is looking into what it would be like to live life as a turtle.

"Man, is it ever good to see you here today!"

Yeah, I'm not really sure what this was in aid of, but pretty funny looking, don't you think?

Sean on his basket throne.

"Oh, I love psgetti mom!"

Sunday, December 10, 2006

We're Back in Business

Marko has done it once again. He has taken our poor discombomulated little camera, pulled it apart and tinkered with this little bit and that little bit and put it back together, all fixed up!! It's great to have such a handsome and handy husband! *gush*

Anywho, things are getting busy as we head into the Christmas season. I love Christmas! I love all the pretty light displays people put up. One of the traditions Marko and I have is to drive around Charlottetown on Christmas Eve after church just to see all the lights. Living in a basement apartment we don't have much opportunity to put up our own lights.

In other news, Sean is trying out new things. For instance, this afternoon he zerberted (that is to say, he blew a raspberry) on the floor. He did this for quite some time, apparently this is quality fun for him! He also enjoys eating white cheddar kraft dinner.

Lately Sean has decided that the best way to play in the tub is with his bucket on his head! He absolutely loves it! He squeals with delight and tries to poke his tongue through one of the holes. It is so funny to watch!

He is still such a smiley boy. At church he had smiles for everyone. The ladies were commenting on how content he is in the nursery, he has no problem playing with toy after toy until we come down to get him. Another fun tidbit from church, between services (there is one at 9:15 and another at 11:00) there is a fellowship time. There is always plenty to eat and drink at this time. Sean loves to eat the crackers, bits of bread and cheese that we give him. I was holding Sean and talking to my friend Shirley, when Sean leaned over to her and tried to feed her his piece of cheese, all the while there is cheese oozing out of the side of his mouth!

"Check out my train, Mommy!"

"Brocoli for supper again?! YUCK!"

"I don't know whose fault it was, but it certainly wasn't mine!"

Friday, December 08, 2006

And The Winner Is...

Drumroll please!!!

Gramma Hope and Grammy Peric!!

Yes, it would seem the grammas have the intuition about their little grandson. My mom was off by 2 ounces and half an inch, while Marko's mom was spot on with the height and off by a pound. Since they were both ohhh soo close I felt they both deserved the prize!! They will both be receiving their very own $5.00 gift certificate to Tim Hortons!! Wooo Hooo!!! Congratulations to you both! Grammy Peric, I'm just going to hold onto yours until you get back from Cyprus. Gramma Hope yours will be in the mail soon!

So in case you're wondering the official stats on Sean are: 28 lbs 2oz, and 30.5 inches tall!

I want to thank everyone for their participation. It was great to have all the guesses in there. I also must thank Brian and Bonnie again for being such die hard competitors! Love the comments!! Too funny!! I hope that today's outcome appeases your wrath over Marko's involvement in the contest?! ;)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thank You

This thank you goes out to Brian and Bonnie for being the first ones to participate in my contest!!! What? You didn't know there was a contest?! Yes, yes there is and that's not all!! There is a great and wonderful prize up for grabs! What? You think you live too far away to cash in on said prize?! Have no fear my friend, no where is too far, this is a far reaching prize of prizely goodness! So go ahead, I know you're out there and you're just itching for some delicious prize!! Go for it, make a guess as to how much Sean weighs and how tall he is!! Unless of course, you want Brian and Bonnie to walk away with the prize...

Then and...

... Now. Sean says, "Do it! Make my Day!!"

Being a Teacher I Just Had to Try This Quiz

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
Make a Quiz

Needle Time Again...

Now that Sean has reached the ripe old age of 1, it is time for more needles. He did very well. In the waiting room, he and another little boy played cars together. He waited very patiently for the nurse to get the needles ready. I was quite surprised about that since he has always been such a little squirmy worm :) Then came the needle, yeah, he was not at all impressed about that. There were tears and some no, no no's. But once he had his clothes back on, everything was wonderful again and he was ready to go play with all the other little ones in the wating room.

Tomorrow is Sean's 1 year check up. So I'll have his weight and height measurements for you. But in the meantime, would anyone like to take a guess as to how much he weighs and how tall he is? There will be a prize!! How exciting eh?! So get your guesses in quick! (for your reference, Sean was 9 lbs, 5 oz and 22 inches long at birth)

On a side note, the camera is on the fritz again, so I may not have many pictures for you for awhile. Marko is working on the problem and hopefully will have it fixed soon!

It's Hammer Time!!

So innocent.

Go Leafs Go!!