Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Quiet Day at Home

Yes, compared to yesterday, today was mostly uneventful, which I think was a good thing. I can only handle so much excitement and unpredictabilty in one day.

Today Sean and I just hung out. He didn't wake up till 7, which was also a very nice treat. From there he had some fun times in his exersaucer and then around 9 we went for a stroll around the neighbourhood. It was so lovely outside I couldn't pass up the chance for some fresh air! The stroll put Sean to sleep and let me get some much needed house cleaning done. After his nap he was ready to eat and play some more. I put him in his Jolly Jumper much to his delight! He is so funny in that thing. He'll stand there all serious like and then he just seems to get his wacky on and he flails his arms out and slaps his belly then kicks out his legs. It reminded me of those step dancers whose mid sections would barely move but their legs were going full tilt.

Here are a couple cute pics from today:

Sean in his "office".

Sean in mid side slap.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Funny Thing Happened Today...

So I woke up this morning, looking forward to Sean and my time at Grace. I was thinking about what I would say and the pictures that I would take...then this really odd thought entered my head...what would you do if you forgot your notes or your Bible..I couldn't imagine trying to do the message without those things..Yet the more I thought about it, I realized that if I truly believed that God was in control and that I was just an instrument for Him to use, I shouldn't be worried about notes and such. Really its not about me and my ability to speak or come up with good thoughts, I need to tap into God's power and allow Him to use me however He sees fit. Anyways, I still brought my notes with me (Girl Guides Motto: Always Be Prepared). So I packed Sean in, grabbed his diaper bag and off we went. Thankfully Grace isn't far from here so it wasn't much of a trip.

I quickly got out, shut my door, opened Sean's door, grabbed him, shut his door, then I stood in a stupified gaze..There on the passenger seat was Sean's diaper bag..(So.. big deal you say) well, you see the problem is that I locked my door and put the car key in the diaper bag...I also locked Sean's there we were on the outside looking in. My notes, my Bible, all of Sean's nessecities were in the locked car.. I guess I was about to actually find out what it was going to be like to speak without my notes....Yikes!

As I walked into the school I was greeted by Gloria Wooldridge, and I'm sure that God put her there on purpose. She asked me how I was and I told her what foolish thing I had just done, she quickly took me aside and prayed for me. It was wonderful, she reminded me that this was about God not me..How reassuring!

My time at Chapel was awesome, I had no notes, no Bible but I had the peace and love of Christ leading me every moment, it was more than I could have hoped for! Praise the Lord!

So now, that that was over I still had to find a way back into my car. I called my husband ( his office is an hour's drive from here) and asked him what he thought would be the best thing to do. He thought I should call our landlord's son and see if they have a key to the house (the landlord is away to B.C right now and they have a spare car key). So I called, only to realize that their son and daughter in law were also away... The secretary at Grace, Judy Fanning (who is a most delightful woman, I'm so thankful for her helpfulness!) mentioned that maybe there is a spare key hidden at our house..I thought this was a wonderful idea so she let me borrow her car and I drove over in search of a hidden such luck..I also tried every door and looked at every window, the place was locked up tight.

Back I went, I finally decided to call my dealership..boy did I feel dumb! When the lady answered I told her I was about to ask her one of the dumbest questions she would probably have all day. So I told her my situation and she put me through to the Service guys. Another thing about my Honda dealership is that its just down the road from the school! They said they would send a fellow up as soon as they could, which could mean 5 minutes or 30 minutes! Either way I was thankful that someone was able to help.

The service man was there in the 5 minutes and had my car open in less! I was so thrilled that I gave him a hug! I thanked him profusely and asked what the charge was..nothing he said, the hug was enough! How wonderful was that?!! Kudos to the Capital Honda Dealership!!

So thats my story..I'm just glad it wasn't Sean that I had locked up!

Here are just a couple pics for you to enjoy: hmmm for some reason Blogger won't let me post pictures at the moment..I'll try again later..Have a great day everybody! ...Finally Success!

More fun on the phone. And fun in the car!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Time to See the Doctor

Hello all, today we went to see the doctor for another check up! Sean did really well, he didn't pee on anyone or anything! He is now a whopping 15 lbs 12 oz and 25 and a half inches long! I'm so proud :) We also went in and visited the wonderful staff and students at Grace Christian School. I don't have any photos of that but we're going in again on Wednesday as I'm going to be the speaker for the Elementary Chapel so I'll try to get a few snap shots then. We also went to WalMart today, I picked up some teething rings and a Jolly Jumper. Heres a look at Sean's first time in this lovely bouncy contraption.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

a pic for me

This is just a pic so I can put one in for my profile..and no you can't post a comment on tra-la-la and tiddle dee-dee.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Grammy Peric Called

Today we got a lovely call from Grammy Peric. At first Sean was sleeping but he soon wanted up for some eats and to hear his Grammy's voice, as you can tell by the following picture.

"Is that you Grammy Peric?"

We tried to get him to say hello, but he was unusually quiet, we even tried showing him his own reflection in the mirror, which usually elicits at least a goo. Today we just got smiles and bubbles, which are definitely great, just hard to hear over the phone.
"Hey, thats me in there!"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Morning

Welcome to another morning! I'm still rubbing the sleep from my eyes..its 5 in the morning and Marko is feeding Sean and I..well I'm getting ready for the next feeding shall we say (nough said). Hopefully we'll be able to put Sean back to bed for a few more hours :)

Yes, so the other morning, this was at about 8:30 or so I went in to get Sean and this is what I was greeted with:

I love his little hand poking out!

He didn't seem too preturbed about his situation so I pulled the blanky that Gramma Hope had made him and this is what I found:

"Nothing wrong here Mommy! Heeheeeheee"

It quickly went from that to this:

Neener, neener, neener!!

Great, my son the practical joker!! Something else that happened yesterday, we made plans to travel to Ontario!! Thats right friends and family in that fair province, we're coming down!! I'll be bringing the camera so that you too may have your picture with Sean posted on this blog! I had been hoping to get down there for one of my friend's weddings but I won't be able to work that out so we're able to come down the following weekend!! At least Sean and I will be able to meet with friends and family. Daddy isn't able to come with us this time but, hopefully there will be other times that we can all go!

This should definetly be interesting, flying with an infant!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Just Like Old Times

It has been a really great weekend! On Friday night we had Mike and Nancy over. We talked and played cards. It was so wonderful. Sean was in bed and we weren't!! We also weren't changing, feeding or rocking him!! It definetly felt like old times.

Then on Saturday night I went out with the girls to the Swiss to celebrate Jennie's birthday, which was great! Afterwards we headed over to Tammy's for games and good times, this time we let the fellas join us. What a blast. I think the girls had wayyy more fun than the guys! I mean we made up our own performing group, we did a little skit for them and played pranks on each other. Tammy was the first victim, when she headed to the washroom we all hid on her and then when Karen went to the washroom we turned the light off!! It was great! It really felt like old times. Sean came with us and slept peacefully in his car seat in Tammy and Doug's bedroom. Its great to have our evenings back!

All this talk of old times made me reflect back to when Sean was just born and how our lives changed forever. And now life seems to have come back to a certain kind of normal. It certainly isn't what it was before Sean arrived (nor would I want it to) but it is no longer what it was like when he was first born..thankfully..I'm certainly happy to have a good night's sleep again. But yeah, so I was going through some of his early photos and its so neat to see how much he has changed in just three months!

I'm including two pics, one from when he was just a day old and the other from about a week ago. In the beginning I totally felt that he was the spitting image of his Daddy but now he seems to have some more of my qualities. I think he has the Hope forehead and eyes, but he certainly has his father's head and nose and cuteness. Overall I would have to say the little guy is a nice mix of both of us. What do you think? Do you think he looks more like Marko or like me? Or maybe a relative?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Its been a busy day and Sean is fast asleep. Life is good. Today Abby and Bonnie came for a short visit. It was close to Sean's nap time so no pictures of that but I'll include a picture of some sort at the end of this post. I had an odd dream the other night...I dreamt that Sean had teeth, 8 to be exact! It was really weird and of course what was the first thing I did the next morning just before letting Sean have his bottle?! I checked his mouth for any possible sprouting teeth! Nothing yet.. Sean is so funny, one of his favourite places in the house is his change table! I know, how weird is that. But pretty near every time hes there, he figures its time to play which makes getting diapers on and off him quite the challenge (especially the poopy ones). He loves to thump his little feet and flail his arms about and gurgle, its quite the spectacle! Grammies, you really must come and see this for yourself. Yes, Gramma Hope I especially mean you! 55 days before you can come see this little cherub?!! Surely you jest! Grammy Peric has a valid reason for not being able to see this, she lives in Cyprus!! So come on Gramma Hope and tell old Grampy thats its time to come to the Island!! :)

Mommy and Daddy after Sean is in bed.

Mommy and Daddy the rest of the time.

Mommy: "You did what in your diaper?!"
Daddy: "No Way I'm cleaning that mess up!!"

Sean all happylike in his highchair.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Play time with Abby

Today was a lot of fun, we visited Bonnie and Abby. Abby is just 10 days older than Sean. We've enjoyed bringing the two of them together to see how they interact, so far pretty funny. Today Abby was busy in her exersaucer when we showed up. So Sean and I plunked ourselves down beside her. She seemed happy to see Sean and Sean quickly warmed up to Abby's happy gurgles and bubbles. He bubbled back and stood happily in front of her, just bubbling and smiling..Ahhh friendship at its finest!

What a Cutie!!

"So, yeah Abby I was wondering if maybe after this we could go sit on the couch and enjoy some teething rings together?"

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday is here again

Hey everybody! So its Monday once again and for the Perics its back to work. Marko leaves at 8 to head out leaving Sean and I to enjoy our morning together. After lunch we're off as well. I work for a lovely elderly couple who let me bring Sean with me. Most times Sean sleeps through the whole thing which is great. It makes it a lot easier for me to get my work done. It would be difficult to make biscuits and hold Sean all at the same time. For the most part, I help with cooking and grocery shopping. Grocery shopping can be interesting..there was one time when I went to go get something off the list and left Eva with the cart, I found the item and walked back to Eva. As I approached I noticed that there was something odd about our cart. The more I looked the more I was convinced that nothing in the cart matched my list..Eva had accidently taken off with someone else's cart. Fortunately we found ours and ended up just abandoning the other one..hopefully the owner found it without too much trouble. As far as cooking goes I usually end up making biscuits, stews and soups, pies, stuffing and sometimes cookies. I really enjoy it. They even went and got a toy for Sean for those times when hes done sleeping and would like something to do.

Heres another cute pic of Sean:

I can't think of a comment for this one, any suggestions?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun Sunday

Today was beautiful! It was so nice out, we took Sean out for a walk in his stroller and then went for a wee little drive around Canoe Cove. It sure felt like Spring! I'm glad to get everyone's comments! Glad to see that people are dropping by to see our little guy. I agree, he certainly is a cutie!

All ready to go in my car seat!

"I love it when Daddy helps me stand."

"I LOVE Peek-A-BOO!!!"

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Weekend is Here!!

Hello again! Yes, the weekend is here, and do the Perics have any plans? No, not really, which is fine by me. I look forward to some sleep in so you might ask with a 3 month old can you possibly get any sleep in time?...Isn't that what husbands are for?! Just joking!

Something you simply must know about Sean, dude loves to stand. In fact I would say that that is his favourite thing to do these days! None of this just lie on the couch/floor and play with things fella siree bob. If the boy is awake he would like very much for you to come and help hoist his little body up to the full and up right postion so that he may survey his humble surroundings and do some wiggling if you don't mind! So funny. I love helping him up and seeing the delight in his eyes as he looks around and goos, but then by the 20th or so time my arms are dying for relief! So today I thought, okay little man, have I got the thing for you...I pulled out his exersaucer and plunked him in it..At first I wasn't so sure how he was going to deal with his new digs but after some gumming of the seat, all seemed well with his new spot in the Peric household. Thought you might like to see him in his saucer plus a bonus pic of him gabbing away in his bouncy seat.

"Oooh, this looks interesting."

"And so I says to him,'Look I'm gonna need that milk by noon!' "

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gonna be a Good Day

And do you know why its going to be a good day?! Because Sean slept till 5:30!! Yippieeee. Hes napping now so I'll take this opportunity to post a bit. Funny thing is I can't think of a whole to write but I do have a couple of cute pics! :)

Such a happy boy!

Mommy and son. An awkward angle but hey when you're the only one around to take the pictures its tricky to get it right.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here are the promised pictures...

I love to eat....

Peek -a-Boo!

Trials and Tribulations

Ahh, much to learn. I mean I thought I had this little guy figured out. I thought we had him in a great little routine and on schedule, this week so far has proven different. For the past two weeks we have had Sean in bed by 8 and wouldn't hear from him again until 5:30 or so, but not so this week. For some reason or other he now wakes up at 3:30!! I was fine with 5:30 but 3?! Are you kidding me? Needless to say this has taken quite the toll on body and mind. So I guess for Sean 3:30 is the new 5:30...please tell me that "this too shall pass" :)

Yesterday was doubly interesting since it was a 3:30 start and then when I was changing him I found this blister type thing on his leg and it appeared to have puss in it..(I know, not what you want to read about) but anyways, I called the doctor and went in only to find out it was a skin irritation and got a prescription for some ointment. Of course I'm thrilled that its nothing serious but I still feel a little silly. I desperately don't want to be one of those mothers that is off to the doctor's office over every little sniffle or such..Oh well, I guess its better to be safe than sorry.

Today was another 3:30 start, thankfully Sean is napping at the moment so I have some time to do some posting. I don't have any pictures to put up (still in the camera). I hope to have a couple more up this evening.

Have a good one everybody!

Monday, March 06, 2006

For the Grammas!

Two pics that I'm sure the Grammas will enjoy!

Fun in the bath.

That's only because I have the best Grammas in the world!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Here are some 3rd month "birthday" photos. Enjoy!!

"3 moths already? No way!"

"Look out 4 months cause I'm a comin' "
Sean is 3 months old today!!
So to celebrate here are a few of my favourite pics of Sean!

I love his expression in this one.

Yummmy, Mummy!

Our little elf at bedtime.

A chat with Mrs. Noah about the elephant situation.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Just wanted to post this cute pic of my two favourite fellas!! Aren't they the cutest?!

Its the weekend

Yes, its finally the weekend and no one has to go to work...Yippee! I really enjoy having my husband home. Through the week I spend all my time with my little one which I love...he does so many funny things! Like the other day I was helping him to sit up and then he pushed out his legs so that he was standing up and he let out the cutest little gurgely giggle! Like he was totally impressed with himself. And now with Marko home, he can be a part of all the fun too! This morning Sean was in his bouncy seat that has toys that dangle above him and he kept grabbing hold of them and trying to bring them to his mouth but of course he'd lose his grip and the toy would swing above his head. So I took one off and put it in his hand and no sooner had I done that then, boom it was in his mouth and he was happily gumming away at it.

Right now the little lad is down for his afternoon nap...this is a great time of day. I can get stuff done around the apartment and write stuff for this blog.

Hope you're having a great weekend as well.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Just getting started!

Wow!! How cool is this! I've got a, must say Blogger really makes you feel like you've got something!! And you do! You have a place to share all the stuff going on in your life, your thoughts, your moods, just about anything you want to write about!

I think people used to use books with blank pages for stuff like this and they called them diaries and they were very secretive about what was in them..but now who cares who reads this stuff, the more the merrier, really! Isn't technology fun! Now you can share all your retarded thoughts and actions with all kinds of people..perhaps even people you don't even know!

I'm not entirely sure what exactly I'm going to want to post on this thing but hey we'll see what happens :)