Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun Sunday

Today was beautiful! It was so nice out, we took Sean out for a walk in his stroller and then went for a wee little drive around Canoe Cove. It sure felt like Spring! I'm glad to get everyone's comments! Glad to see that people are dropping by to see our little guy. I agree, he certainly is a cutie!

All ready to go in my car seat!

"I love it when Daddy helps me stand."

"I LOVE Peek-A-BOO!!!"


Grammie Peric said...

Wow, Laura he is getting cuter and happier by the day . love the pics keep them coming , hope I can get this on.

Mary Evans said...

Hey Freak! I found your blog! Great pics - Sean is getting to have a more face now and I can see a lot of you in him.

Don't worry about the night waking - it's probably a growth spurt. Can you feed him up any more before bedtime? But I often found that as soon as I thought I had a routine figured out he went and changed it on me. That's babies for ya! But rest assured - Peter is now coming up to 18 mos, and has slept through the night (I mean 12 hours) since at least 8 months, plus a nap after lunch. Boy, do I need that nap.

Take care!

PS I sent some pics to Marko's email address; I wasn't sure if the one I have for you is working.

Laura said...

Hey Mary, you freak! So glad you dropped by the blog! I loved the pics of Peter, my goodness how big he has grown! Your folks look great as well, and you still look like you! hehehe..Glad to see you're doing so well!! Gives me hope :)