Thursday, March 16, 2006

Its been a busy day and Sean is fast asleep. Life is good. Today Abby and Bonnie came for a short visit. It was close to Sean's nap time so no pictures of that but I'll include a picture of some sort at the end of this post. I had an odd dream the other night...I dreamt that Sean had teeth, 8 to be exact! It was really weird and of course what was the first thing I did the next morning just before letting Sean have his bottle?! I checked his mouth for any possible sprouting teeth! Nothing yet.. Sean is so funny, one of his favourite places in the house is his change table! I know, how weird is that. But pretty near every time hes there, he figures its time to play which makes getting diapers on and off him quite the challenge (especially the poopy ones). He loves to thump his little feet and flail his arms about and gurgle, its quite the spectacle! Grammies, you really must come and see this for yourself. Yes, Gramma Hope I especially mean you! 55 days before you can come see this little cherub?!! Surely you jest! Grammy Peric has a valid reason for not being able to see this, she lives in Cyprus!! So come on Gramma Hope and tell old Grampy thats its time to come to the Island!! :)

Mommy and Daddy after Sean is in bed.

Mommy and Daddy the rest of the time.

Mommy: "You did what in your diaper?!"
Daddy: "No Way I'm cleaning that mess up!!"

Sean all happylike in his highchair.

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Marianna Hope said...

Mommy & Daddy should be in the funny papers, with pses like that. Who took the pictures.....Sean?
Working on a trip over! Date have not entered the agenda yet. All three of us have had a nasty fall this week. No serious injuries, just a bunch of sore aching bones.
Gramma Hope