Saturday, March 04, 2006

Its the weekend

Yes, its finally the weekend and no one has to go to work...Yippee! I really enjoy having my husband home. Through the week I spend all my time with my little one which I love...he does so many funny things! Like the other day I was helping him to sit up and then he pushed out his legs so that he was standing up and he let out the cutest little gurgely giggle! Like he was totally impressed with himself. And now with Marko home, he can be a part of all the fun too! This morning Sean was in his bouncy seat that has toys that dangle above him and he kept grabbing hold of them and trying to bring them to his mouth but of course he'd lose his grip and the toy would swing above his head. So I took one off and put it in his hand and no sooner had I done that then, boom it was in his mouth and he was happily gumming away at it.

Right now the little lad is down for his afternoon nap...this is a great time of day. I can get stuff done around the apartment and write stuff for this blog.

Hope you're having a great weekend as well.

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited too that you have a blog . Yes, those two fellas are pretty cute. There are my two favourite fellas too. Have agreat day .