Monday, March 20, 2006

Just Like Old Times

It has been a really great weekend! On Friday night we had Mike and Nancy over. We talked and played cards. It was so wonderful. Sean was in bed and we weren't!! We also weren't changing, feeding or rocking him!! It definetly felt like old times.

Then on Saturday night I went out with the girls to the Swiss to celebrate Jennie's birthday, which was great! Afterwards we headed over to Tammy's for games and good times, this time we let the fellas join us. What a blast. I think the girls had wayyy more fun than the guys! I mean we made up our own performing group, we did a little skit for them and played pranks on each other. Tammy was the first victim, when she headed to the washroom we all hid on her and then when Karen went to the washroom we turned the light off!! It was great! It really felt like old times. Sean came with us and slept peacefully in his car seat in Tammy and Doug's bedroom. Its great to have our evenings back!

All this talk of old times made me reflect back to when Sean was just born and how our lives changed forever. And now life seems to have come back to a certain kind of normal. It certainly isn't what it was before Sean arrived (nor would I want it to) but it is no longer what it was like when he was first born..thankfully..I'm certainly happy to have a good night's sleep again. But yeah, so I was going through some of his early photos and its so neat to see how much he has changed in just three months!

I'm including two pics, one from when he was just a day old and the other from about a week ago. In the beginning I totally felt that he was the spitting image of his Daddy but now he seems to have some more of my qualities. I think he has the Hope forehead and eyes, but he certainly has his father's head and nose and cuteness. Overall I would have to say the little guy is a nice mix of both of us. What do you think? Do you think he looks more like Marko or like me? Or maybe a relative?


Tammy said...

I'm not sure which one of you he looks like...I will reserve judgement until he is a bit older...:-)

Nancy said...

When Sean was born, he looked so much like Marko, it was incredible. Now, in that second picture especially he bares a very close resemblance to your dad! Now, I'm not trying to be demanding...but I think you should post a pic of your Dad next to that pic of Sean for comparison. Even his expression in that pic reminds me of your Dad....and I've only met your Dad a couple of times!

Marianna Hope said...

I think Sean is a great mix of both you and Marko, however he is getting this Hope head thing going. It will be interesting, what his personality resembles. If it is like Dads, watch out World, as Mr . Hope lives his life out loud!
LoveGramma Hope

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Laura a total mix of both of you. Your eyes, face shape, and chin. Marko's head, nose and cheeks. Here's hoping Sean will have just the right body mixture too. Your height and long legs, Marko's broad shoulders and strength. I'm thinking mesomorph/ectomorph, you know "broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hip and nobody gave any lip to -- Big Bad Sean!"

Auntie Linda