Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday is here again

Hey everybody! So its Monday once again and for the Perics its back to work. Marko leaves at 8 to head out leaving Sean and I to enjoy our morning together. After lunch we're off as well. I work for a lovely elderly couple who let me bring Sean with me. Most times Sean sleeps through the whole thing which is great. It makes it a lot easier for me to get my work done. It would be difficult to make biscuits and hold Sean all at the same time. For the most part, I help with cooking and grocery shopping. Grocery shopping can be interesting..there was one time when I went to go get something off the list and left Eva with the cart, I found the item and walked back to Eva. As I approached I noticed that there was something odd about our cart. The more I looked the more I was convinced that nothing in the cart matched my list..Eva had accidently taken off with someone else's cart. Fortunately we found ours and ended up just abandoning the other one..hopefully the owner found it without too much trouble. As far as cooking goes I usually end up making biscuits, stews and soups, pies, stuffing and sometimes cookies. I really enjoy it. They even went and got a toy for Sean for those times when hes done sleeping and would like something to do.

Heres another cute pic of Sean:

I can't think of a comment for this one, any suggestions?


Grammie Peric said...

ok, mom let's get the car seat and go find some action.

GloreyB said...

Laura - thanks for popping into my new "home" - I am learning lots! Baby is SWEET.
ok - for a caption....."Mom, you'r 29? Who woulda thought"
Keep in touch.

Marianna said...

Oh No!!! Not another of these picture taking events again.
Gramma Hope

Luuk van Dijk said...

Laura, long time no see. Got your blog adres form your mom. I've sent her a mail for her birthday. Once in while I do remember these events. She responded with a mail loaded with pictures from Sean Marius. Must be proud grandma. Can imagine great son and a great name. I will print the pictures for my parents (85y of age now)we go up north this weekend and will visit them. Regards from Luuk Grietje, Hessel and Lieke.
Ps. No spell check on my internet an in these Blog things. Although 20 y in IT don't know how to find this. So forgive Eng. spelling.
Ps 2 If you want to respond