Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Play time with Abby

Today was a lot of fun, we visited Bonnie and Abby. Abby is just 10 days older than Sean. We've enjoyed bringing the two of them together to see how they interact, so far pretty funny. Today Abby was busy in her exersaucer when we showed up. So Sean and I plunked ourselves down beside her. She seemed happy to see Sean and Sean quickly warmed up to Abby's happy gurgles and bubbles. He bubbled back and stood happily in front of her, just bubbling and smiling..Ahhh friendship at its finest!

What a Cutie!!

"So, yeah Abby I was wondering if maybe after this we could go sit on the couch and enjoy some teething rings together?"


Marianna said...

Wow Girl! You sure have some neat stuff there, think we can share?
Gramma Hope

Nancy said...

Is Sean wearing jeans? That's so cool! Those are the shortest jeans I have ever seen! So cute! I love the pic of him standing at Abby's excerciser-chair thingy! Also, many thanks for adding me as one of your links! I like checking your blog every couple of days and seeing bunches of pics! It's awesome that you and Sean are enjoying your time together and that he can even come to work with you and hang out. :)

Laura said...

Hey there Nancy, glad to hear you're enjoying the site. I'm having a great time working on it. Yeah, the boy is wearing jeans and they're the cutest but then I think that most baby clothes is cute since its regular stuff that looks like its been shrunk a gazillion times :)