Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Quiet Day at Home

Yes, compared to yesterday, today was mostly uneventful, which I think was a good thing. I can only handle so much excitement and unpredictabilty in one day.

Today Sean and I just hung out. He didn't wake up till 7, which was also a very nice treat. From there he had some fun times in his exersaucer and then around 9 we went for a stroll around the neighbourhood. It was so lovely outside I couldn't pass up the chance for some fresh air! The stroll put Sean to sleep and let me get some much needed house cleaning done. After his nap he was ready to eat and play some more. I put him in his Jolly Jumper much to his delight! He is so funny in that thing. He'll stand there all serious like and then he just seems to get his wacky on and he flails his arms out and slaps his belly then kicks out his legs. It reminded me of those step dancers whose mid sections would barely move but their legs were going full tilt.

Here are a couple cute pics from today:

Sean in his "office".

Sean in mid side slap.


Anonymous said...

sounds like he dances like his daddy. Grammie Peric

Krista said...

Wow, the little guy sure is growing! He is so cute too!

It's so wonderful to hear you enjoying your time with him and the joy you take in watching the little things he does.