Monday, March 27, 2006

Time to See the Doctor

Hello all, today we went to see the doctor for another check up! Sean did really well, he didn't pee on anyone or anything! He is now a whopping 15 lbs 12 oz and 25 and a half inches long! I'm so proud :) We also went in and visited the wonderful staff and students at Grace Christian School. I don't have any photos of that but we're going in again on Wednesday as I'm going to be the speaker for the Elementary Chapel so I'll try to get a few snap shots then. We also went to WalMart today, I picked up some teething rings and a Jolly Jumper. Heres a look at Sean's first time in this lovely bouncy contraption.


Anonymous said...

It looks like he loves to jump. What fun.
Grammie Peric

Anonymous said...

Mom was trying to work out today how tall Sean will be as an adult by guessing how tall he was at two months then tripling it. That's the rule apparently: triple your two month height or double your two year height. Our estimate was rough as we weren't sure exactly how tall he was at two months.

Auntie Linda

Nancy said...

Wow, he almost weighs as much as Pekoe! :) Good job Sean!