Friday, March 10, 2006

The Weekend is Here!!

Hello again! Yes, the weekend is here, and do the Perics have any plans? No, not really, which is fine by me. I look forward to some sleep in so you might ask with a 3 month old can you possibly get any sleep in time?...Isn't that what husbands are for?! Just joking!

Something you simply must know about Sean, dude loves to stand. In fact I would say that that is his favourite thing to do these days! None of this just lie on the couch/floor and play with things fella siree bob. If the boy is awake he would like very much for you to come and help hoist his little body up to the full and up right postion so that he may survey his humble surroundings and do some wiggling if you don't mind! So funny. I love helping him up and seeing the delight in his eyes as he looks around and goos, but then by the 20th or so time my arms are dying for relief! So today I thought, okay little man, have I got the thing for you...I pulled out his exersaucer and plunked him in it..At first I wasn't so sure how he was going to deal with his new digs but after some gumming of the seat, all seemed well with his new spot in the Peric household. Thought you might like to see him in his saucer plus a bonus pic of him gabbing away in his bouncy seat.

"Oooh, this looks interesting."

"And so I says to him,'Look I'm gonna need that milk by noon!' "


Linda said...

He's a cutie, Laura - glad to discover another blogging Islander!

Marianna Hope said...

Love the pics! Can hardly wait to help him do his stand thing. Only 55 more days until I can hold him!!
Mom Hope

Auntie Linda said...

just seeing if this works

Auntie Linda said...

Great, I'm in! Words do not express how pleased I am that you have a blog site, Laura. So many cute pics and comments. so far everytime i go on the internet there's been something new. I am one happy camper.