Saturday, April 22, 2006

Born to Be Wild

Sean was definetly born to be wild, or at least his hair anyways! Funny little story to share, I was shopping for shoes for Sean when a little boy came up to us and proceeded to try to entertain Sean by waving his little toy bear in front of his face. Sean seemed fairly amused by his antics. The little boy asked what his name was, I told him Sean, then he wanted to know how long his birthday was...must admit at first I wasn't quite sure what he was getting at but settled for just telling him the date. He then asked what I was doing and I explained that I was trying to pick out a nice new pair of shoes for Sean. The little boy suggested that I should by some sandals since Summer was on its way! The boy was only like 7 years old, and already dispensing shopping advice!

" I love this shirt, thank you Aunty Linda!"

This boy will sleep anywhere!

Sean and his new favourite "toy."

He is happy even when he's sleeping!


Kimberlie said...

Does it seem silly to be buying the expensive toys when baby Sean is playing with a cooking spoon....? Have you tried crete paper and cereal boxes ~ those are fun too (and cheap)! I love the pictures of Sean playing with his stinky toes ~ they are too cute. said...

Hey! Linda got us the same shirt :) I guess we got the bigger size, since ours fits Sylas. See you in July!