Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Couple of Toe Grabbers

Sean's latest discovery has been his toes! He loves his toes, he loves them so much he does what he can to get at least one stuffed into his mouth. This skill comes in mighty helpful on the change table..well except when you're trying to fit the flaps down, then I'm busy battling with failing legs and arms to get in between them and get the diaper fastened. Oh to be that flexible.

Sean is also making grand discoveries about the world around him. He notices when mom or dad have something in their hand and he would dearly love to have whatever it is, be it a glass of milk, a forkful of supper, whatever. Today while I was puttering about the kitchen I had Sean on my hip and he was quite impressed with the container of large utensils I have on the counter so I passed him the slotted spoon to see what he thought of it. He grabbed hold and immediatley attemped to stuff it in his mouth..he reminded me a bit of a goalie. Hmmmm, from the Toronto Maple Leafs, in goal, number 17....SEAN PERIC!!! for Marko it would sound more like this: from the Calgary Flames, in goal, number 42...SEAN PERIC!!hehehehe..

"See my feet Mom?!"

"They're not smelly!"

"Look Ma, no hands!!"

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