Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fun Times With Daddy

This evening Daddy got a chance to have some quality hang out time with Sean and what a ball the two of them had. I don't think I've ever heard Sean squeal with as much delight as he did tonight when Daddy played Peek-a-Boo with him. Check it out:

Some other funny happenings in the Peric household. First off, I was feeding Sean his bottle when Marko asked if I would like anything and I asked him to pour me a glass of juice. We've discovered that if you stick a straw in the glass its much easier to get at while feeding Sean. Well at one point I was sipping out of my straw and Sean was chugging away at his bottle, when he lifts his little arm and whacks my glass, as though to push it away. I thought it was just an accident at first so I tried it again and again that little hand came up and pushed the glass away! It was pretty funny.

Next point to ponder was bath time. Every night as a part of the night time routine we give Sean a bath and this night was no exception. I got Sean down to his birthday suit and gently lowered him into his tub. This tub is great, it has a cushy pad for him to rest on and its in a reclined positon. But tonight for whatever reason Sean was just not interested in lying back to have his bath, no way! He was all about sitting up and taking it like a man! Really! He just would not lie back. It was a really weird sensation for me to wash his hair while he just sat there, and he didn't topple forward either. He had both hands on either side of the tub holding him up. Weird eh?! I love this little fella!


Anonymous said...

Marko used to stand for his bath. He refused to sit. but of course not until he was 1 or so so that may come yet .
Grammie Peric

Anonymous said...

Happy Four Months today Sean!

Auntie Linda