Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

It's Easter time and Sean is discovering solid food! What fun! Friday was his first go at Rice Cereal. How did it go you was messy for the most part. He does seem to enjoy it though. All I can say is thank goodness for bibs! We've had a pretty quiet Easter as a family. We've had phone calls from home and away which is great! Can't wait to see Grammy Peric and Aunty Linda the end of June. Gramma and Grampa Hope and Aunty Karina are coming for a visit on May 6th!

"hmmmm, I think I like this."

Mommy and Son down for a nap.

Daddy reading Sean his Easter book.


Kimberlie said...

Thanks for checking out Chelsea's blog. I check in to see how you guys are doing quite often. I love seeing the updated photos and watching Sean change. (Actually it was you that we copied off of to get our blog going....). I love the picture of you and Sean taking a nap ~ an original and it captures the feeling of motherhood (the love and the exhaustion)! Keep the pictures coming! Easter kisses to Baby Sean!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Marko, Laura and Sean!
We were sorry we missed you when we called and we figured you had driven over to N.S. Mom is going to egypt today on a cruise she's going with a friend of mine who hasn't been either (i've been). Next week when Theresa and Bernadette are here we have a short trip to Israel planned.
Wow, Sean is eating solid food aleady, look out grocery bill!
Martin and Adina had a baby girl, Emma; and Tara is six months pregnant.

Lots of Love,

Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric