Thursday, April 13, 2006

Immunization Day

Yes, today was time to get three needles jabbed into your leg day! You can well imagine how thrilled Sean was about this. The nurse was fantastic though, got out a shaker and a bell, wonderful things to try and distract Sean from his worked up until she jabbed him with the needle then it was screaming and tears, but if you rang the bell he would quiet down and watch and listen and then she would go in again and again Sean would share his displeasure with us. A bonus to getting his shots is that we also get to weigh and measure Sean. So he is now a robust 17 lbs and a long 26 inches! This boy is growing like a weed, oh and his head is an awesome 44cms in circumference! Now if only more hair would grow on his head instead of just the middle..theres only so much styling you can do with his current mohawk hairdo.

Smiles for Daddy.

"Mommy, what are you doing? It's freaking me out!"

"My hands have just got to be about the most yummiest hands on the face of the planet!"

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