Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Play Date with Abby

I think Bonnie and I have come to the conclusion that Tuesdays are great days for play dates. We all go to Bible Study then come back here for some good times. The babes get their bottles and naps and then its play time (but not necessarily in that order). They are so funny together, when Sean is in his exersaucer and Abby is standing beside it, he gets really excited. He starts flailing his arms about and stamping his feet, all the while smiling up a storm at her.

Abby is quite the gal as these photos plainly show, if you'd like to learn more about Abby why not drop by her web site. Its listed on the links section as Brian and Bonnie's blog. There you will find many more photos and the musings of her mother.

"I don't know Mom but I think there may be a tooth in here.."

Mrs. Noah never tasted so good.

..wherefore the Ark came unto hard times as it ranneth into the Abby. The animals and Noah's family did spew forth onto the ground...

"Now I heard that orange was all the rage but I'm my own little girl so I'm totally going with red!"


Bonnie & Brian said...

Wow. A whole blog post dedicated to Abby. Not one picture of Sean. I'm flattered.


Marianna hope said...

OhWhere are my sunglasses, these bright colours are dazziling me!my!