Saturday, April 01, 2006

Some Fun Things We've Done Together

Sean is so much fun! Here are just a few things we've enjoyed doing:

BIB: Buildning Incredible Babies, this is a great program. Mothers bring their little ones to be looked after while they have a session with a speaker. Sometimes its a dietician, sometimes a health nurse. Next time we're headed to the Library! After the main session the mommies join thier babies downstairs and take part in an age appropriate activity. This week we did a fun poem, hand print thing.

It Says: Star Light, Star Bright First Star I See Tonight I Wish I May, I Wish I Might, Have the Wish I Wish Tonight:

I Wish That Sean would have a reason to smile every day. Love, Mommy.

As you can see in this pic of Sean in his exersaucer, you'll notice to the right of him a blue thing, its a buttrfly/flower type toy. Anyways, the other day Sean was in there and had his teething rings (four of them strung together) and he was whipping them about until he managed to lasso the flower. He tugged and he tugged and then whamo right in the face it hit him. He let out a yelp then went right back to sucking on the rings! Too funny!

Sean has always had an amazing head of hair. Right from the get go this child had lotsa hair, which is great only now his hair seems to have, well, it seems to have a life of its own:

Isn't it lovely?!

And finally I end with Sean's favourite game of all time: Peek-a-Boo! I can't get over how much fun he has with this! It was pretty funny this past Friday we were over to see Bonnie and Abby. While we were there we had the babes together on the floor so I thought I'd try out Peek-a-Boo with Abby. What a difference! She would let me throw the blanky over her, she'd have her arms outstretched, smile on her face and then I pull the blanky off and say Peek-a-Boo and she'd still have that happy little smile on her face and her hands outstretched as much as to say, "that was nice, thanks". Sean on the other hand would get wildly excited as the blanky went over him and before I could pull the blanky away he would be thrashing about and when I did get it off and said Peek-a-Boo, he would squeal with delight...again Mommy,AGAIN!

I LOVE this game!!

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Anonymous said...

so glad you are enjoying every day with Sean . Babies grow up too fast. I hope that Sean has something to smile about every day too.
Grammie Peric