Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Coffee, Toys and Laptops

For the past little while I have been getting together with some gals and their babes for coffee at Beanz. It's a great place with great coffee! I look forward to Wednesdays just to meet, chat and drink coffee. We're quite the little group, and there are always people who stop and stare at us. I guess it is fairly unique to come across 4 moms, 4 babes and 4 strollers, all at the same table. We have been called the baby corner, the baby gathering and all other manner of such names. We've also been called 'cute'! Too funny. Here's the Coffee Crew:

We are, starting from bottom left to right: Judy and her son Josh, Lori and her daughter Lindsay; top left is Bonnie and her daughter Abby and then me and Sean.

This is Bonnie the Great! I love Bonnie.. Like I said she's great and her daughter has impeccable timing! Bonnie just got Abby back from Lori and blah, Abby got her mommy good. Bonnie in good fashion laughed it all off, and then wiped it off her face.

"Say what? Just because I didn't eat my green beans now I have to play with this green box? You've got to be kidding me!"

"Back off, get your own basket of toys!"

"hmmm, I wonder if there is a space opening up at Daddy's work, I just finished updating my resume."


Anonymous said...

You are a cute bunch. Babies always steal the show .
Grammie Peric

Gramma said...

I bet Daddy doesn't have anyone working with him, with such aneat haircut like I have. I will be the envey of the office!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great outing for all involved.Bernadette