Saturday, May 13, 2006

Finally, Gramma & Grampa Hope and Aunty Karina Come to Visit

Last weekend my family came to visit. This was the first time since December that they came to see us. It was wonderful to have them over, Sean really seemed to enjoy playing with them. He loved having Grampa help him to walk. They're coming back for another visit next weekend. Here are some pics:

"You're pretty good at this Grampa!"

"Pretty neat necklace ya got here Gramma!"
"Hold me up Aunty! I don't know if Grampy has a good hold of me!"
A happy and proud Grampa.

One of these things is not like the where Grampa is missing hair, Sean has it and where Sean is missing hair Grampa has it...go figure!

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Kimberlie said...

Happy First Mother's Day Laura! I hope that you had a special day with baby Sean....