Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fun with Solids!

Sean has been enjoying his cereals, he loves oatmeal in particular! He eats that like its going out of style. So this morning we got into some yummy pureed carrots. He wasn't so sure he liked this but he did eat it all. Here are a couple pics plus another one from yesterday that is super sweet :)

"Mommy, are you sure that I'm supposed to eat this?"

"Well, I guess it'll be alright."

Sean the explorer.


Anonymous said...

Sean, don't eat too much oatmeal or it might come out your ears . ( ask dad about that )
Grammie Peric

Anonymous said...

Great pics of Sean. Why not try sweet potato they are very palatable and full of fiber and they make great oven fries for you and Marko too.

Carol Ann Power said...

Loooove this pic of Sean the Explorer!! So sweet. You must be very proud!