Sunday, May 07, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

We are home in PEI once again! What a trip, it all went by so fast! Sean did really well! He didn't mind the take off but wasn't so keen on the landing. Thankfully the people around us were very understanding.

Aunty Fran and Peter came to pick us up and take us to Newmarket. The next day all the Hopes came over to meet their new grand nephew. It was fantastic to see my family again. I hadn't seen some of them in ages! Sean really seemed to warm up to Aunt Mary Jane and didn't mind having Uncle Max kiss him lots! But I think his favourite part was Aunty Fran's puppy. As soon as he saw him he squealed with delight and put out his hand to touch him. Unfortunately Buddy was not as enamoured with Sean.

On Sunday we went to the Kimmetts. It was great to relax and chat with Lyn and Wendy. Sean loved playing with the toys Wendy had found. While we were there, Nikki LaFave came to visit and you'll never guess what she got Sean for a gift: a stuffed puppy dog!! Sean absolutely loves it!!

Wednesday evening saw us back in Newmarket because the next day we would be having lunch at the Gingrich's. Sean loved playing with Dave and he was totally falling for Melissa. It was hilarous. He would look at her and give her the biggest grin then look away, then look back with a big smile! My little flirt! The Gingrich's showered him with gifts, his favourite of which was a toy truck from Melissa and Jay. He thought it was great! That evening we went with Linda to a special function at her church for Mothers and Daughters. I was Linda's adopted daughter. It was a lot of fun and Sean enjoyed meeting all the ladies.

Early Friday morning we were on our way back to the Island. Sean did really well, he still wasn't a fan of landing but was ever so happy to see his Daddy again (me too!!).

Here are some pics...I'll have more pics in later posts.

Waiting in the Moncton Airport.

Jennie and Sean waiting for take off.
Sean checking out the runway.

Having fun at Aunty Fran's. I think Sean just noticed Buddy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi so glad that you had a good time and that you are back safe and sound . Is Sean is losing his hair? Did Jeannie go with you ?so good to see pics again .
Grammie Peric