Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Milestones

Boy, he sure is growing up fast. Early last week we discovered Sean's first tooth breaking through and now the second is making its appearance! I can hardly believe it and today he stunned me by pulling himself up! He was sitting on my lap when he leaned forward, grabbed the side of his exersaucer and hauled himself up. Needless to say he was pretty pleased with himself as was I. He just seems like he wants to be on the go, only he can't quite get his body to do all the things he would like it to but he's getting there. As far as solids go, Sean has progressed from carrots to sweet potatoes and tomorrow we tackle green beans...Yum!

"Oh wow that block is farther away then I thought..now how am I going to get it into my mouth?"
I love my purple triangle.

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