Monday, May 29, 2006

Sean's Sounds

Sean likes to make sounds, all kinds of sounds. Nothing too terribly understandable but he is quite emphatic about them. Now I've heard that most babies at this age are making ma-ma-ma or da-da-da or ga-ga-ga sounds, Sean not so much. Most of the time when he is trying out his little voice for conversation he immediately sticks something in his mouth like his hand or a toy. This creates for some interesting sounds none of which really sounds like the beginnings of speech but it is funny. Then there are the times when he's in the tub and he insists on putting as much of his rubber ducky's head as possible in his mouth and then he blows...quite the fun sound that makes, he uses his voice while he does it so it's not just airy. Then there's his grunting scream..this he reserves for when mommy or daddy are trying to dress him just before bedtime. Add to that the extra squriminess and voila -- you have a frazzled parent! He usually lets up once he's fully clothed and has a full bottle at hand. I'm looking forward to his journey through sounds and communication..can't wait for the endless string of "WHYs" and "NOs"

Sean playing some air piano.

I am just that cute..really!

"Now, hold on to your hats cause I'm pulling out my air guitar."

" Welcome to my box, spacious yet homey!"

"YAY, my daddy is home and he's going to play with ME!!"

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Gramma said...

OK Dad! How many books will you read my right NOW!!