Monday, June 05, 2006

6 Months Old Today!

Yep, our little guy is all of 6 months old! Today we went to the doctor's for his checkup,he was really good, he didn't pee on anyone or anything. He is a whopping 20lbs 2oz and 27 inches long. So yeah, he's a big boy! Just such a cutie. He is all about the babbling now, it sounds something like this: "ba-da-ca-da-ha-ba-da" interspersed with the occasional raspberry!

"Say Whaaaa?"

"I'm a big boy now!"

"I love sitting on my daddy!"


Anonymous said...

Happy Half Year Old today Sean! We'll see you in 20 days, but who's counting?
Grammie and Auntie Linda

Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2 year Sean. Your Mom sure is right about you being a cutie pie !! Keep on smiling and giggling!! Great Auntie Bernie