Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

This is Marko's first Father's Day! So we're off to the mainland to visit with my family. This will be Sean's first time on the Ferry, should be fun!

On Saturday Marko got to spend the entire day with Sean while I worked. Sean had a wonderful time playing with his Daddy all day! And I think Daddy had at least as much fun if not more!

Here are a few pics from their day:

"This is fun, Daddy. Could we do this everyday?"

"Bring out the toys, Daddy. I'm ready to play."

"Hi Everybody!"

"My fingers are oh, so tasty!"

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Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Marko! We hope you had a great day and certainly hope you haven't had your foot amputated, what's up with that photo?

Linda and Mom