Monday, July 03, 2006

Abby Becomes an Honourary Peric

Yes, everyone it's true, Abby is now an honourary Peric. She will be living with us until Friday when her Aunt Wendy and Uncle Jake will take her to their place. Her parents are away to Ontario for the week and due to some unforseen circumstances, needed some backup babysitters..and so here we are. And just to clarify, although Abby is an honourary Peric she is still 100% MacDonald..(not to mention Robertson too)

Sean and Abby enjoyed some play time together and went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I now have a slight inkling as to what it might be like to be the parent of about busy and going madly off in all directions! Needless to say I was happy when bedtime rolled around! I would say that our first day has definetly been one of adjustment yet one of good times as well! Welcome Abby!

"Hey Abby, I have this great shape I think you'll like..."

"Ummm, on second thought I think I'm going to chew on it for awhile if you don't mind."

"Haha, I got your shape and now I shall bonk you on the head with it!"

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GloreyB said...

too cute
twins? ah - you handle whatever would come your way...grin.