Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Busy Day

Sean had a fairly busy day today. He spent a fair amount of his morning using the cubes to cruise about and he enjoyed one of our Cyprus coasters while he was at it. In the afternoon, Aunty Linda and Grammy Peric came down. Aunty Linda cut Sean's hair, which was great, he was in great need of a trim...we kept a little baggy of the cuttings..felt kinda sad when I saw it since it is quite dark and the hair he has now is quite light. His first baby hair is gone, my how he's grown!

This afternoon when Sean decided he didn't need an afternoon nap we went outside and sat on the lawn with Auny and Grammy, that was, until we spied the kiddy pool! We stripped Sean down and plopped his wriggling body in it. He was thrilled..I didn't have my camera at the time but Aunty Linda did so hopefully I can get a couple of her pics to post. Aunty Linda got into the pool with Sean for some splashing fun and while they were splashing away a neighbour's dog dropped by to visit. Sean was ecstatic! He just loves dogs!

Grammy wanted to take Sean for a walk before bedtime but Sean was so tuckered out that he konked out in his stroller but soon woke upon entering the kitchen. So I got him fed and dressed and tucked him into bed! (used the kiddy pool for his usual bathtime!)

The Before Shot.

During the Hair Cut.

The After Shot...what a cutie!

Is this not the sweetest face you've ever seen?

"I'm stylin' Mommy!"

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