Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Butterfly Kisses

Yesterday, Sean, Grammy, Aunty Linda and I went to the Country Gardens in New Glasgow. It was awesome!! So much to see! The most unique part of this garden was the Butterfly House, now that was cool. You walk into this greenhouse type enclosure, and there are all these beautiful butterflies just fliting about..and if you stand fairly still they will land on you. I had two land on me at once, so cool! Sean was pretty captivated by them as well.

The view from this place is absolutely breath taking, I've already posted some pics from it but I'll include some more. Sean really seemed to enjoy soaking in all the different sights and he was incredibly good for all the stopping, picture taking and popping back in the stroller that we did. He also liked hanging out with the miniture train station.

I wish I knew more about butterflies to be able to tell what kind this one is.

My two hitchhikers.

Sean at the train station.

Sean and Mommy.

My cool dude.

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