Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Back to Sean

I will now get back to talking about Sean. He just lights up my life!
New Fun Facts About Sean:
1) He will now wake up in the morning and just play for awhile in his crib instead of wanting to be fed right away.
2) He will pull himself up on everything and anything he can get his little hands on.
3) He likes to "cruise" around the living room.
4) He does this thing with his tongue, where he turns it over and starts chewing on it (this is a Hope trait I am told!!)
5) He enjoys his cheerios immensely.
6) He has outgrown his exersaucer, I just let him play with it from the outside and sometimes he crawls through it.
7) He seems to understand the word no.
8) He likes it when people clap.
9) He likes to crawl into the kitchen and slap the tiles.
10) He loves being with his Grammy Peric and Auntie Linda.

What a cutie!

I don't know about this mom.

"I love my Grammy!"

Loving Auntie Linda.

"So, Abby is coming over right? I mean I'm all spiffed up to see her!"

"I'm gonna eat it, Mommy!! hehehehe"

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