Friday, July 21, 2006

My Creepin' Crawlin' Cruiser

Sean started crawling this morning! Unfortunately I don't have video of that but, it was pretty cute. He still creeps better than he crawls..He also enjoys cruising. This morning he went from our brown chair to one ottoman and then the other, he was quite pleased with his accomplishment. This makes me nervous though, he just wants to keep going everywhere. I guess I know how I'm going to get those nagging pounds off, chasing this guy all over the apartment! The little man is in his crib "sleeping". I checked on him 5 minutes ago, only to find him standing in his crib! Seems like nap time has turned into making laps around the crib time!

The beach excursion was pretty fun the other day. Sean ate more than his fair share of sand. By the fifth handful, you would think he would get the idea that sand just isn't tasty! He wasn't too pleased about the waves in the ocean. He'd sit there and as the wave washed over his belly, he'd suck in some air and kinda wimper. I guess if there's gonna be waves, hes wants to be the one making them.

Today my husband and I are taking off for a little getaway. We're quite excited about this. This will be the first time since Sean was born that we've been able to get away for a night. I think I have everything packed...guess I'll find out soon enough!

Now for the pics:

"Look at me Mommy! I'm cruisin'!"

"I'm as tall as the end table!"

Having a swingin' good time!

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The Daring One said...

What a cute boy! Magoo does the same thing with sand. He just keeps eating it and making the most horrible face, surprised each time that it tastes/feels awful. Thanks for the link to my blog. I can't BELIEVE you found me through the "next blog" button. I have had no luck finding good blogs that way. Cool.