Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our Last Day with Abby

Yesterday was our last day with Abby, and what a wonderful day it was. We went to the beach and had a really good time. Neither Abby or Sean seemed all that pleased with the temperature of the ocean water, but they were more than happy to sit on the beach blanket and play with toys.

It has been quite the learning experience having Abby with us for this past week. I've learned a lot about being organized and how much you have to bring with you when you go on an outing with two little ones! While we did have a good time having Abby here, it is nice to take the hecticness of life down a notch. One baby is plenty of work for me.

Abby and I on the beach.

This is Matthew, he was a student of mine at Grace. He really wanted to hold Sean.

Abby getting some teething by train!

Sean and Abby down on the farm...I love this pic because one of Abby's feet is poking through a window on the barn.

Auntie Linda and Sean at the beach

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