Monday, July 24, 2006

Our Trip Part I- Places We Went To

We had a really nice trip up east this weekend. Nothing like a little getaway to refresh you. We stayed at a quaint little Bed & Breakfast in Basin Head. It was a little unusual in that, basically we were staying in this older couple's private home for the night. I felt like we had come to stay with someone else's grandparents! They were really great though. After we had dropped off our things we were headed out to supper at the Redstone Restaurant. Just as we were about to head out the door, our hostess mentioned that there was a surprise for us in our room. We paded back into our room and at our hostess's instruction looked under the lamp to find a 20 dollar gift certificate to the very same restaurant we were about to go to!! We were quite thrilled with this.

Supper was grand and the service was great. We didn't spend too much time touring about that evening as it was raining cats and dogs out. We headed back to our new humble abode and pulled out some card games. At first it was just Marko and I playing at their kitchen table until the husband came out to see what exactly we were up to. He pulled up a chair and we dealt him into a game...he won! While we were playing, the missus came out to see how her hubby was doing and give him some helpful instruction. She also asked us if we had figured out who had given us the gift certificate..I had originally thought that it was just something that they had did, but now the game was on...It was a quick game as there was only one person I could think of that would have done such a thing...turns out this do - gooding - slueth had called around to see if we were staying there and then had her dad drop off the goods..All I can say is thank you ever so much Bonnie and Brian, we really enjoyed our meal!

The next morning we were up early and off to tour around. We headed further east and visited the East Point wasn't open yet but the view was fantastic. We continued our little trek and stopped here and there to take some pictures until about lunch time, when we stopped at the Sheltered Harbour freebies this time though..but again it was a great meal and it was cheap!

After lunch we headed home, both Marko and I missed our baby boy and couldn't wait to see his smiling little face.

This is the Sheltered Harbour Cafe, it doesn't look like much from the outside, but let me just say that the food is scrumptious!!
This is the Redstone Restaurant, if you are ever in the area you should totally check it out!

Yes, this is our B&B...too cute.

The East Point Lighthouse.

Basin Head beach.


Nick said...

Well just never know what's going to happen do you?? Nice to see some picture of familiar things though and I do recognize the B&B you stayed at too. They are quite nice.

Laura said...

Hey Nick,

We had a great time up in your neck of the woods. We honked at your place, Rodney's and Bonnie's place..Lotsa fun