Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reading to Elvis

You're probably wondering why I titled this post "reading to Elvis". Well, I think I've mentioned before that sometimes Sean will do this thing with his lips that is very Elvisesque..finally I caught it on camera! The reading part I got from Sean just looking at some books.

Sean is quickly knocking down milestone after milestone, another mother recently said that once they get creeping, crawling isn't far behind. Well he isn't crawling..yet but he is doing everything in his power to get that way! He's also figured out how to go from his belly to sitting on his bum. He seems quite pleased about this. I must say it is a lot of fun to watch him as he tries out new things, like getting on his front and getting his bum up in the air...pretty cute.

"Alright Mommy, I'm ready to read."

Our Little Theologian.

Elvis is in the building!!

"Okay Mom, so are you gonna read this to me or do I have to do this all by myself?!"


~*Courtney*~ said...

Hi there, I saw your comment on my blog I don't mind at all. I enjoy meeting new people on here. Thanks for the support, I'm pretty bummed, but we're gonna keep trying. Your little guy is just adorable! I love the Elvis impersonation! That's too funny. :)

Carrie K. said...

Your son is adorable!

Laura said...

Hi Courtney and Carrie, thanks for dropping by and commenting!