Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sean is Creeping!

I can hardly believe that Sean is creeping now! He pushes his forearms forward and pulls while his feet push. He hasn't exactly mastered this feat yet but hes getting there. Tomorrow Sean will be 7 months old! So wild to think that its actually been 7 months since this sweet little boy came into our life. I can hardly imagine life without him.

Today was Abby's first full day with us and she seemed to have a lovely day. Her Grampy MacDonald stopped in to visit with her. You can tell she really loves her Grampy by how her face lights up when she sees him. Abby had a good time playing with Sean and the toys for most of the day. Before supper we went to the park with Sean's Grammy. Both Sean and Abby really enjoyed the swings.

Hey Bonnie and Brian, I don't know, but I think Abby may be tying up your phone line sooner than you think!

Tickles for Daddy!!

Sharing a bowl full of toys.

Sean the shepherd boy...Now if he only had a lamb, he'd be all set for his first Christmas concert!

Abby decided that two ears was too much.

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