Monday, July 17, 2006

What a Boy!

Sean has had quite the day and I missed out on part of it...pooh. I was with him for the morning and did some video work of him creeping which I'll post. It was a lot fun and yet frustrating. He was creeping right along to get his camel on the ottoman and he was on his knees touching it and I thought, well that's probably as far as hes going to get so I'll stop sooner had I stopped then Sean was on his feet, clutching the camel and grinning like a mad man!! This was my first time trying to get him on tape so hopefully further practice will help me!

Then this afternoon I had to work, so Grammie Peric came down to babysit. Sean loves having Grammie Peric come play with him! Not long after I left, Sean went down for his nap and about an hour and a bit later he was up again. Grammie dutifully went in to get him, when much to her amazement upon opening the door she found Sean happily standing up in his crib! I can't believe I missed this..I know there will probably be other times though. I'm glad that Grammie Peric was there for this amazing moment in Sean's life. Sean has been pulling himself up on things in our living room but I'd never found him standing in his crib! So cool.

This evening at bath time was another fun, if somewhat splashy milestone. Instead of putting Sean in his bath seat I decided to just let him sit in the tub sans seat. He LOVED IT! I've been having a hard time getting him into the seat lately, for as I would gently lower his squirming body over the seat, he would start pumping his legs like a freaked out frog. Then once his feet touched the base of the seat, he would lock his legs, pretty much making it a wrestling match to get him to bend..even just a little! Well, tonight was much different, he got to sit where he wanted and splash and splash and splash--until he found his reflection in the overflow drain. He just had to touch it, which made me a bit nervous as the faucet is just above it.. I must say that letting him do his own thing in the tub makes washing his hair and scrubbing in all his little crevices quite the production.

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Stephanie (Shire) said...

Congratulations on Sean's reaching this milestone! How exciting. He's such a cutie, I love his Elvis face. :)