Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust...

Okay, let's take stock here, first the digital camera went for a spill; luckily we were able to fix that, next the monitor blew a fuse and we got a replacement, this time it was a knick knack. A candle and its candle holder. Poor Sean had no idea what happened. He just sorta stood there all shocked like and I as I came over to him, he started to sputter. I figure this is just the first of many such mishaps. Not that I'm encouraging Sean to be destructive, but I'm also not dillusional about what a toddler is capable of no matter how diligent a mother I may be....oh and I broke a vase today..Will this ever end?!

In other news, Sean had his first try at cookies the other day! He's been quite the independent fella lately as far as feeding himself goes. Pretty near every meal time he enjoys feeding himself his cherrios and then I'll cut some fresh, ripe fruit for him and he slides that in. I'm still trying to spoon feed him his veggies and cereal but this is becoming more challenging every day. He constantly either wants to take the spoon himself or will grab the contents of the spoon and shove it in his face himself. He managed the cookies purely by accident. While we were at a friend's house, her toddler came in with a bowlful of cookies and accidently tipped it over on the coffee table. Sean was making his rounds of the coffee table at the time and didn't hesitate to snag a cookie and pop it in his mouth. Not surprisingly he wanted another one!

"Okay Daddy, you say Grace and then bring on the FOOD!"

"You call that a meal? I could have eaten at least 5 more handfuls!!" Posted by Picasa

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