Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Apparently We Suffer From Dropsy

For whatever reason, we the Perics seem to be suffering from some acute dropsy. Thankfully we only seem to be dropping all things mechanical. This means that Sean is safe!

This time it was our trusty Fisher Price monitor that met it's demise. Again gravity took it's toll on this hard little worker. It was a great monitor, with the flashy red bars and the volume control and what not. It did its job well with nary a complaint until tonight, when all that could be heard was a steady and unsettling buzzing. Sean, although quite accomplished in his ability to razz, has not quite matched this quality of sound. I finagled with this knob, I flicked that switch, to no avail. I was not to hear the sweet cooing of my slumbering son on this particular monitor ever again.*snif*

When Marko came home I explained our situation. Luckily we haven't had this device for a year yet, so maybe, just maybe we can get a new one under warranty, he thought! Well, while that would be nice I agreed, we are missing some key components; a receipt and orignal packaging. Plus we got this as a gift and I have no inkling whatsoever as to whom the giver may have been. Marko was not to be undaunted from his quest to snag us a replacement. He was off with the faulty monitor in tow. He hit Zellers--no good; they have monitors but not Fisher Price ones. To the WalMart-- same story. This left him with his nemesis, Sears! He was ready for a tough fight and so was thrown a little off balance when the sales lady said, "Sure we can exchange that for you, just go grab one off the shelf and bingo bango, you'll have yourself a brand new monitor, mister!" Okay so that's not exactly what she said, but by bingo bango we have a new monitor. No more flashy bars; its just little circular red lights. However, Sean gets a night light out of this because there's one built into the transmitter. How cool is that?!

Aunty Linda Sean going for a slide...Anyone out there able to guess where this slide may be?

A wee little gathering of wee little ones!

"Okay Mommy, just hand me the keys and I'll be off!"

"I work my best when I've got something in my mouth." Posted by Picasa

The new fangled monitor!!


Anonymous said...

Hi My guess would be Victoria Park Aunt Bernie

Anonymous said...

Good guess Auntie Bernie but this park is a little more obscure than that.

Auntie Linda