Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crisis Averted and Sean is 8 Months Old Today!

Yes, the Perics had a minor melt down this afternoon! The digital camera came in close and rather quick contact with the floor. Digi did not take well to this type of man handling..She executed a system failure! At first it looked bleak for poor Digi and my blog. Since the pics that Digi produces are the backbone of this site! Thankfully my professional nerd husband who has the patience of Job fixed good ol' Digi. She is once again a bright and happy camera..(is it weird that I have now personified our digital camera?!?)

More importantly though, is the fact that today marks Sean's 8 month birthday! Sean has a number of favourite things he likes to do and one of them is to topple towers. On more than one occasion I have built little towers out of his peek-a blocks and no matter where he may be, no matter what he may be doing, no matter what he may be trying to stuff in his mouth; he will drop everything and come over to my humble tower and utterly destroy it! Pretty funny. Just the other day we were playing topple towers, and I made my tower and Sean, instead of just grabbing the blocks and sending them crashing to the floor, he hesitated. He paused long enough to look up at me, smirk and then wack the crap out of my tower! My son is a tease! Can you believe it?! I love him so much!! Here are some pics...well now isn't this ironic..Blogger won't let me post pics at the moment! Go figure!

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