Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Day in the Life of Sean Marius Peric

Just thought that I would treat you all to a general idea of what Sean's days are like.
So here we go:

5:30/6:30 am First bottle feeding. It takes him about 15-20 minutes to get through it, then it's back to bed.

8ish This time he's up for real, ready to play! He's up now for about 2 hours or so, during which he has some yummy yummy breakfast. Breakfast is usually oatmeal cereal and a fruit of some sort. (and of course he has at least a handful of cheerios) After breaky it is play/cruise/creep/crawl/get into stuff time.

10ish He is down for an hour or so nap

11 Up and at 'em again, beginning with another bottle followed by more play time. I may take him for a walk or we'll go visiting at this time.

12:30pm Lunch time which consists of museli and pear cereal and some veggies.

1:00 He's off to bed again

2:00 He's up now until bed time rolls around. So in this time we could do any number of things; go to the beach, visit, go shopping etc.

5:30 brings the start of Sean's bedtime routine, beginning with supper which consists of rice cereal and more veggies (usually different from what he had at lunch)

5:45 Bath time or more aptly put: Splash time...Sean loves his bath!

6:00 Outta the tub and into a clean diaper and onesie. He has his final bottle while I read him his bedtime story and then pray time.

6:30 It's beddy bye time! Sweet dreams, my little one!

What fun eh?! Sean has now discovered how to pull up on flat surfaces! This totally astounded me the first time I watched him do it!

Now for the promised pictures...these are from the other day when Sean was out in the Kiddy Pool.

What glorious times he had!

Aunty Linda and Sean hanging out in the pool.


Anonymous said...

Who is enjoying it more ?Auntie Linda or Sean

CeCe said...

Good for you for getting your little one on such a good schedule! Sounds similar to my little one's. It's tough with some kids to get them on the schedule, but it sure is worth it!