Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fun Times at Bed Time

More than once people have told me that a bath before bedtime will help to soothe and calm a baby. Really?! Cause with Sean that's definetly not the case. As soon as his little bottom hits the water, any sleepiness he may have had seems to vanish and hes ready to go again! By the time I've got him in his pjs he wants to play some more. So tonight we discovered a new game. He would crawl to just about the end of our bed when I would gently grab hold of his chubby little ankles and drag him back up to our pillows. He would giggle and then be off again to the bottom of the bed. As soon as he felt my hands around his ankles he would actually stretch himself out and wait to get pulled back. By the end of the game he had manged to pull back the quilt and sheet, all the way up to the pillows! Needless to say he was quite pleased with himself.

"And as I go, I love to sing, my knapsack on my back!"

Sean tinkering in his new toy cabinet.

"Just checking your cleaning Mom. Looks good under here!"

He's my sweetiebear. Posted by Picasa

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