Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gramma Hope Came to Visit

It was marvelous to have Gramma Hope come to visit. Sean had a blast playing with, crawling on and playing ball with his Gramma. He also enjoyed some quality peek-a-boo time..so cute!

Gramma certainly seemed to enjoy spending time with her grandson. She was quite amazed at just how active this little fella really is. Both Gramma and I spent a fair amount of time taking Sean out of the no-fly zone a.k.a the television/dvd area. We also had a good time wearing him down, by letting him walk (with his Fisher Price toy) back and forth between us. We must have done that like 6 times in a row! By supper time the little eyelids were drooping, and his eyes had that glazed/zoned out look to them. Gramma suspected that he would be "all in but his shoelaces" by the time I plunked him in bed. I knew better than to hope for that. For after his bath he was all giggles and wiggles--didn't even want to stop long enough to take a swig from his bed time bottle! Yet, by 6 o'clock my wee little one had finally ran out of steam, and was sleeping peacefully...Phew!

" Peek-a-Boo I see you!"

And this is Sean's third hand--he is determined to take at least one of his toys with him wherever he goes.

"The Crocs must pay the ultimate price!" (to learn more about Crocs please visit dontmindme.com)

Biting Mrs. Noah's head off never tasted so good! Posted by Picasa


Bonnie & Brian said...

You two have to get over your public hatred of Crocs..ha ha ha.. :)

Laura said...

Hatred..strong word..I wouldn't say it's hatred as much as it is that I just don't appreciate crocks, but then there a number of things I don't appreciate; like when people don't signal, or stop for pedestrians, or man, those super ugly jelly shoes I used to wear..Yikes! hehehehe ;)