Friday, August 04, 2006

He Ate the Chicken and Liked It!!

Okay so maybe like is too strong a word, perhaps it would be better put to say that he endured it! I ended up smooshing his squash and pears together with the chicken and down it would go. And if at any time I suspected that he was about to push the tasty concoction out of his mouth, I would round up a spoonful of yummy cereal and pop it in..Very much the same idea as when you were little and you were forced to eat liver and so you would take a forkful and chew it ever so slightly, swallow and chase that down with the biggest mouthful of milk you could manage!

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Mary (freak) Evans said...

That's the trick! Burying the veggies in yogurt is good too, as long as he's not looking too closely.

I can't make the video clips work! Do you do anything other than press play?