Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Fun Day!

Well, I hope you have your favourite beverage in hand and are all settled in, 'cause boy do I have a lot to share with you! Sunday was an amazing day! The day started early with Marko's dad ringing our doorbell. He had arrived the night before from B.C. He was anxious to meet his little grandson for the first time. Sean was all smiles for his Deda. Sean enjoyed watching Deda and using him for support. Later that morning my family arrived, Sean really got excited with that. He just smiled and smiled and was happy to have so many visitors at one time.

My family is an interesting lot. I love them to bits! And I know that they love me! How do I know this fact? Simple. For my birthday they didn't just walk into some glitzy store and purchase the first sparkly thing they saw. No! My family works harder than that, especially when picking out just the right gift! My loving and ever so dedicated family went dumpster diving for me!! Is that not love? To pick through someone else's trash to find that special treasure for your daughter's 30th birthday? And when they were happy with what they found there, they jetted off to the nearest garage sale for an accesory. How wonderful eh?! I can just feel the envy you have for me and the dedication of the family I have been blessed with. The gifts in question were (in order of location got/bought) a money bank in the shape of a can with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo all over it (I can hear already, the guffaws and snorts of fans of other hockey teams and to that I say, "Bite Me!") and a scarf of the same description. Sean was quite fascinated with the can. I should point out here that the can was full of change--over a hundred dollars worth of change! So yeah, I really do love my gifts, thanks fam!!

We had a great time with all that family together and took some pics to commemorate this special event. It was the first time that both sets of grandparents and aunties were together! My family left around 3:30 or there abouts and the house quieted down quite substantially. Soon thoughts about supper entered our heads. Marko's dad had a hankering for some tastey Lebanese food. Since we had coupons for Shaddy's, a great local Lebanese restaurant, we settled on that. I must confess now that I haven't really had much Lebanese food and I wasn't quite sure how gung-ho I was about having a plateful of it for supper, but I decided to go for it!

Lebanese food is absolutely the most fantastic food! Plus all the dishes have these great sounding names like: Yabrak, Fattouch, Hummus, Babhaganouch, Baklava and Lamb Shishkabab. And I'd have to say the craziest thing I had to eat was calamari! Nothing quite like battered and deep fried squid to finish off a meal! Oh and turkish coffee, that was wild!! But the funniest part of our cultural excursion had to be when the British fella from another table started doing magic tricks and inviting us to play along! Too funny...wish I had pics of that!

***Editor's Note*** I should say that my folks didn't actually dive into a dumpster, they found the can in a wastepaper basket. :)

Sean meetin' and greetin' all his guests.

How adorable!! My little Leafs fan.

What a great looking family!

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