Friday, August 18, 2006

This is My 100th Post!! Can You Believe It?!

Not only is this my 100th post but today was Gold Cup and Saucer Parade day! For those of you not familiar with this spectacular event, it is a very big deal. It celebrates our harness racing heritage. Simply put, a good excuse for a huge and long parade. Sean and I went with Bonnie and Abby for some good times curbside in downtown Charlottetown. We had great seats! Sean really enjoyed all the hub bub. He was all about the bouncing up and down as the different musical bands went by. Unfortunately, he was long overdue for a nap by the time the parade was finally winding down. Poor guy went from 8am to shortly after three without a nap. All in all though it was a good day! Oh and you know what else happened today?! I got summoned for jury duty! How crazy is that?!

Just waitin' for the parade to begin.

Havin' a wee bit to drink while taking in all the fun!

"Hey look Sean, it's Bob the Tomato from the Veggie Tales!!" Posted by Picasa


GloreyB said...

Jury duty. Yikes!
Parade was great eh? The boy looks sooo cute.
Hope you had a great summer :O)
Back to work soon for me - counting down the days.

Laura said...

I know, jury duty,crazy! Yeah, we enjoyed the parade for the most part, found it a little long though

Hope you have a great school year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura Do you think you will get out of jury duty cause you are a busy Mom of a little person. I've never known of anyone called for jury duty before.If they will allow you to substitute someone go ahead and use me. I like the slide show at the top of the blog sure shows how Sean has changed. Bernie

Laura said...

Hi Bernie! Actually I kinda would like to see for myself what the jury selection process is really you say though I am a busy mommy and it means I'm going to have to find babysiting.

Glad to hear you like the slide show. I wanted to show how much our little guy has changed over his little life so far. :)