Sunday, August 20, 2006


As you may have noticed, I've been tweaking the blog, trying out some new stuff. I really like it! Now you know exactly how old Sean is!

So not only did I tweak the blog yesterday, but I also went out with Jennie over to Tammy's place and we reinvented our hair! We had soooo much fun! We probably should have started the process a bit earlier though...I didn't get home till 2:30 in the morning...not a smooth move on my part! Tammy is the best at doing highlights! Jennie and I tried to do each other's hair once before and it was pretty much a disaster. But last night in the professional hands of Tammy our hair came out looking amazing!! Thank you Tammy!

Jennie: "I love chips!! I could eat them all day!" Doug: "I can't believe I'm seeing this!"

Jennie: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."
Tammy: "I can't believe they tried to do this on their own..silly girls!"
Me: "I am sooo glad I got my day pass from the assylum!"

"It's how early in the morning?!?!"

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