Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Laura? Last I Heard She Was...

...quite ill
... happy in Chicago
... looking West for job possiblities
... pursuing a career in music
... expecting a baby in Spring
...working as a fitness instructor
...doing well and looks approximately half her age!

You should try this, too funny to see just what you may be up to. Just type into Google,your name then the phrase "Last I heard he/she was" and see what you've been doing, where you've been living and if you'll get out on bail!

Disclaimer: None of the above statements are true.
I found this fun little tid bit on Mommy Brain.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eating Apples

I love apples. They have just about got to be my favourite fruit! Sean has been eating mushed apples in a special menu item we like to call "Apple Prune Suprise"..Mush apples and prunes together and voila, a happy little suprise lands in Sean's diaper! I know, TMI! Anywho, Sean is also all about having whatever you may be having and since I'm not an avid eater of mushed apple and prunes (with or without the suprise) I was having my apple on the core. Sean was quite insistent that he too, should have some. I looked at him and thought, "Dude, you've only got two bottom teeth! What kind of damage do you really think you can do to my hearty apple?!" Evidently, quite a bit. I passed him the apple, just to see what he would do with it and he proceeded to scrape apple bits into his mouth with his mighty teeth! Too funny!

Last week Sean and I were in to Grace Christian School. I spoke at Chapel and this time I managed to keepmy car/house keys with me, rather than in a locked car! It was really nice to be back, but I did feel a little old since any children that I had taught were in grade 6! On Thursday I was back in again in the morning to teach the gr.1/2 class. What a blast! Although,I accidently taught the gr.2 class the gr.1's math lesson. (oops!) I thought that they seemed quite quick on all the answers! :) I'll tell you though, that evening I was totally wiped! I don't think I've been that tired in a very long time!

An update about Christmas: I mentioned not that long ago that we were possibly going to Cyprus for Christmas, this is no longer the case. With prices continuing to rise and our lack of preparation, and our apprehension about travelling so far with Sean, we decided that this year would be too soon. So here's looking to next year!

Here are some pics, the first is of Sean eating an apple, Marko gave him this one. The following one, is Sean in his highchair at 3 months...check out how much he's grown!

Yummy, yummy apple!

So little!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We Live in Exciting Times

Life just continues to get more and more exciting for us. We knew that Sean was a strong baby but I didn't completely realize just how capable this little guy is. Sean hasn't been in his exersaucer for quite some time but, I felt that he could stand beside it and play with the little toys. He really loved that, but not as much as he loved just shaking the entire thing. I didn't figure that it was much of a problem so I let it ride. Come to find out that wasn't such a great idea. Since Sean decided he would try shaking the near by end table, which had 1 lamp, 2 picture frames and 1 baby monitor on it! Yeah, so he tipped the thing and all afore mentioned items hit the floor. The lamp was the only thing to incur any amount of damage. The monitor, which as I picked it up I accidently dropped, was perfectly fine! Thank goodness for small miracles. We're not too upset about the lamp, we've had some complaints about it, so I guess this was Sean's way of letting us know that it's time to redecorate! So bye bye Mr.Lamp and now we relocate the exersaucer to the back room.

Now all that happened Saturday morning, the evening was even more entertaing but for different reasons. It was girl's night out and we went to the Swiss Chalet. It was marvellous! I love the fries at the Swiss! Yummy. It was Tammy, Jennie, Karen and I. We had a great waitress, she must have been a Kindergarten teacher in a previous job! I only say that because when she brought Karen her Pecan pie for dessert, she included 4 forks! The rest of us had not mentioned any desire to have dessert, let alone helping ourselves to Karen's pie, but I guess the urge for her to share is great, so much so that she forces her patrons to do as she would do! Too funny. The real fun began when we went back to Tammy's place. She had some cake and presents for Karen and I, sort of a belated birthday bash. The cake was ever so tasty! We talked about playing a game but never really decided on one. That's when I noticed Tammy's wide collection of photo albums. I love looking at pictures, even if it's of people I don't know..Guess I 'm just nosey. There were some pictures of the 4 of us from past birthdays and other fun times. One of those other "fun" times that fortunately had been immortalized in photographic print ,was when Jennie and I decided to put on a couple of shower caps and make our most dazed expression. As soon as I saw the picture I started laughing and laughing, why it most have been a good ten minutes! So of course I asked Tammy if she happened to have any shower caps around and lo and behold she did! Of course, that meant we all had to put them on and make some more memories!

Yeah, perhaps not the best use of showercaps!

The Gals!
Look out Charlie's Angels, cause here come Rubber Duckie's Bubble Babes!

Me and Karen, apparently we don't have too many pics of just us, so we took this one.

This is a model of our friendship or as we like to call it: MOOF.

Yummmy, yummy birthday cake!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Time Sure Flies When You're Having Fun!

This past week has been lotso fun! I've been babysitting Abby 3 afternoons a week and this has been ultimate fun! Okay, so it isn't exactly oddles of fun all the time but it can be entirely way too hilarious. Like when I was standing by the play pen with Abby and she grabs on the front of my legs. Sean not to be left out, decided to come from behind and grab the backs of my legs. Then as if on cue they both decide that they would like to go through my legs while pushing the other out of their way! Too funny! And then there was the time when Sean had a poopy diaper, so I changed him on his little mat on the floor. Now, Abby is usually quite good at amusing herself by observing the intricacies of various toys, but not this time. This time she needed to investigate, but not until the offending diaper was wide open and Sean was thrashing about with the toy I had given him as a distraction (so much for distracting). Abby thought it would be best if she helped dispose of the dirty diaper and made a grab for one of the tabs. I thought I would have a heart attack, she gets one good flip of the tab and I've got baby poop on my living room floor. I quickly distract her with my ever so fascinating arm while trying to wip a clean diaper under Sean's bottom and toss the dirty one out of reach. With that done, I give a sigh of relief! Like I said, way too much fun!

My favourite part of babysitting though, has got to be just watching Sean and Abby interact, they are just wayyy too cute! Absolutely love it!

My cold is getting better, I just cough now and then and blow my nose. Fascinating eh?! Thankfully Marko hasn't gotten it...Although I must say there is something Marko ought to get as this picture clearly indicates!

Have you ever seen someone in such desperate need of a haircut?! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9 Month Check Up

We had quite the time at the doctor's office this morning. Sean was really good in the waiting room, checking out all the people and playing with his toys quietly. Then it was time to get weighed and measured, this was not Sean's idea of a good time! The scales really threw him off and he let out a howl. Getting measured wasn't as bad but still he wasn't pleased about the whole situation. He is now 24lbs 8 oz and 29 1/2 inches long! Quite the big boy to be sure. As I was redressing him, specifically I was about to put his diaper back on, he peed. I thought that we were going to get through this appointment without anyone or anything getting peed on, but Sean had other plans. One of my legs got quite wet and there was quite a nice puddle on the floor. Good times. Dr. Slyz said that he was doing well and the cold wasn't anything to be worried about. So all in all it was a good visit even if I did get peed on.

On a sidenote, the jury duty I was supposed to go in for on the 11th was cancelled so I guess thats that then.

My little crooner.

He's learned how to shut all the boxes and he knows how to open two of them, he really enjoys this toy.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

My Husband is my Hero...

I feel poopy. My nose is runny, throat feels funny and my head thinks it would like to spin. If you could see me now, you would be impressed with my little mountain of used kleenex that sits beside me. Ughhh. And where is Marko in all of this? He is on his way to Shoppers to pick me up some OJ and olive leaf extract. He wasn't entirely thrilled about going on this late night excursion but because he knew it would make me feel better he went. And that is why my hubby is my hero. He's the best!! I love you Marko!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Heart Melted...

Just before putting Sean in his crib, we usually spend some time just hanging out on our bed. Sean likes to crawl to the end and have me pull him back up. He'll also just sort of bounce about and flap his arms and giggle waiting for me to tickle him. Tonight was no different. He crawled, I pulled back; he bounced, I tickled. Then as he was sitting beside me he decided to use my hair to pull up. I immediately said, "Be Gentle!" in a rather firm voice. In my head I was thinking, yeah, like he understands what 'be gentle' means. But I had no sooner said it then his hand went down to his side and he looked me square in the eyes. So, I said "Thank-you." Sean was mesmerized. So I repeated it again and again and again. He just couldn't seem to get enough of it. And then it heart melted as he gently laid his sweet smelling head on my shoulder and wrapped one chubby arm about my neck. My little gotta go, gotta go baby was, for if only a moment, my little snuggly bear.

Picture perfect in his mother's eyes.

All set for hockey season to start!!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

He's 9 Months Old Today!!

Wow! 9 months already! I can hardly believe that just 9 months ago we had a smallish bundle of baby boy and now look at him! What a marvel a child is! My precious little gift from God.

Sean is all about cruising around the living room and using everything and anything to grab onto. He tries desperately to get past our make shift gate a.ka. the play pen. And once or twice he has actually managed to wiggle through victoriously into the kitchen only to be picked up and plunked back in the living room. He still loves peek-a-boo! His favourite song is Skinamarinky dinky dink. He also enjoys Patty Cake. He does not enjoy having his diaper changed or putting his clothes on. He loves to play on our bed. He is passionate about what he eats! He loves his stuffed dog the most. He will object firmly if you take the phone, remote or any other thing he shouldn't have, away from him. He has a contagious smile.

He's pretty much the sweetest little person I've ever met. I love you, Sean!

The little couple out for a stroll together.

Playing with his train.

Sean is all boy. He just looks so old for his age.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Some Cute Pics

Well, I guess Summer is over and Autumn is here! The leaves on the trees in our backyard are already starting to turn brilliant reds and yellows! And Sean is sniffling and sneezing his way through a cold. He is quite the trooper though, even with the snot sliding down his face he smiles and giggles! (don't worry, no pictures of a snot glazed face)

Someone thought he'd get away to Cyprus with Auntie Linda!

Rolling over Daddy.

"Hmmm, now how do I convince Daddy that I need a real set of wheels?" Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our New Ride!

Marko and I have been heming and hawing about trading in our 03 Civic for awhile now and just yesterday we drove off the lot with an 06 Civic, colour: Fiji Blue! When we saw that Honda was having a sale on 06 civics, we figured this was our chance. We're very happy about this, as this car has a/c, keyless entry and a CD player! Thankfully our payments aren't that much more than the old car so this makes it all worthwhile.

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Days with Deda

Grammy and Auntie Linda left today for Cyprus and we miss them already! Tomorrow Deda leaves and once again we will be the only Perics on the Island. We've had a lot of good times with Deda. Marko, Linda, Deda and I went to New Glasgow and Cavendish. We saw a fantastic concert in New Glasgow and then had a blast going on some rides at Sandspit. We pray that everyone gets home safely. Looking forward to seeing Auntie Linda and Grammy at Christmas Cyprus!!

Family photo in New Glasgow.

Getting Scrambled!!

"Hmm, I'll get her from behind and she won't know what hit her..hahaha"
Sean and Deda playing together. Posted by Picasa