Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9 Month Check Up

We had quite the time at the doctor's office this morning. Sean was really good in the waiting room, checking out all the people and playing with his toys quietly. Then it was time to get weighed and measured, this was not Sean's idea of a good time! The scales really threw him off and he let out a howl. Getting measured wasn't as bad but still he wasn't pleased about the whole situation. He is now 24lbs 8 oz and 29 1/2 inches long! Quite the big boy to be sure. As I was redressing him, specifically I was about to put his diaper back on, he peed. I thought that we were going to get through this appointment without anyone or anything getting peed on, but Sean had other plans. One of my legs got quite wet and there was quite a nice puddle on the floor. Good times. Dr. Slyz said that he was doing well and the cold wasn't anything to be worried about. So all in all it was a good visit even if I did get peed on.

On a sidenote, the jury duty I was supposed to go in for on the 11th was cancelled so I guess thats that then.

My little crooner.

He's learned how to shut all the boxes and he knows how to open two of them, he really enjoys this toy.

"I shall karate chop you with my brush..HAH!!" Posted by Picasa

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