Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eating Apples

I love apples. They have just about got to be my favourite fruit! Sean has been eating mushed apples in a special menu item we like to call "Apple Prune Suprise"..Mush apples and prunes together and voila, a happy little suprise lands in Sean's diaper! I know, TMI! Anywho, Sean is also all about having whatever you may be having and since I'm not an avid eater of mushed apple and prunes (with or without the suprise) I was having my apple on the core. Sean was quite insistent that he too, should have some. I looked at him and thought, "Dude, you've only got two bottom teeth! What kind of damage do you really think you can do to my hearty apple?!" Evidently, quite a bit. I passed him the apple, just to see what he would do with it and he proceeded to scrape apple bits into his mouth with his mighty teeth! Too funny!

Last week Sean and I were in to Grace Christian School. I spoke at Chapel and this time I managed to keepmy car/house keys with me, rather than in a locked car! It was really nice to be back, but I did feel a little old since any children that I had taught were in grade 6! On Thursday I was back in again in the morning to teach the gr.1/2 class. What a blast! Although,I accidently taught the gr.2 class the gr.1's math lesson. (oops!) I thought that they seemed quite quick on all the answers! :) I'll tell you though, that evening I was totally wiped! I don't think I've been that tired in a very long time!

An update about Christmas: I mentioned not that long ago that we were possibly going to Cyprus for Christmas, this is no longer the case. With prices continuing to rise and our lack of preparation, and our apprehension about travelling so far with Sean, we decided that this year would be too soon. So here's looking to next year!

Here are some pics, the first is of Sean eating an apple, Marko gave him this one. The following one, is Sean in his highchair at 3 months...check out how much he's grown!

Yummy, yummy apple!

So little!

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Anonymous said...

I love apples too. can't wait to feed one to Sean .
Grammie Peric